Hayabusa2 Earth Return (©JAXA)

The asteroid explorer, Hayabusa2, will deliver the re-entry capsule to Earth on December 6 (Japan time) this year. The mission has finally reached its finale! Everything at the Project will be very tense until the capsule is safely retrieved.

We have received great support during the different mission stages so far, but we would like to collect messages from you once again for the final success of the Hayabusa2 Project! Please use the form on the web or twitter with the hashtag #はやぶさ2地球帰還 or #HYB2Return.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Please note::

  • Submission period: Sept. 2, 2020 - end of 2020.
  • When using twitter, please include the hashtag #はやぶさ2地球帰還 or #HYB2Return.
  • If you use the form, the text will be limited to 400 characters. If you'd like to attach an image, please use twitter.
  • Please note that these messages may be introduced on the Project website.