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733 2002 Hamaguchi Kenji X-ray Study of the Intermediate Mass Young Stars Herbig Ae/Be Stars
734 2002 横川 淳 Discrete X-Ray Sources in the Small magellanic Cloud - Tracing the Star Forming Activity -
735 2002 宮崎利行 New Readout Method for High Energy Resolution X-ray Microcalorimeters
736 2002 S.Makiuchi, H.Shibai, T.Nakagawa, H.Okuda, K.Okumura, H.Matsuhara, N.Hiromoto, and Y.Doi Diffuse far-infrared [CII] line emission from high Galactic latitude
737 2002 上田佳宏 ほか Study of the Largest Multiwavelength Campaign of the Microquasar GRS 1959+105
738 2002 金 宇征 赤外線天文衛星ASTRO-F搭載近中間赤外線カメラ光学系の性能評価
739 2002 Chiharu Tanihata Multi-frequency Study of the Jet Activity in Blazars
740 2002 Makiuchi Sin'ichiro Diffuse[CII]Line Emission from High-Latitude Region 高銀緯領域における拡散[CII]輝線放射の研究
741 2002 磯崎洋祐 ASTRO-F搭載ハイブリッド型Ge:Ga 二次元アレイ遠赤外線検出器の性能評価
742 2002 Takafumi Otsubo Study on Interplanetary Dust based on the Mid-Infrared Observation of Zodiacal Emission by the IRTS
743 2002 Y.Uchiyama, T.Takahashi, F.A.Aharonian, and J.R.Mattox ASCA View of the Supernova Remnantγ Cygni(G78.2+2.1):Bremsstrahlung X-ray Spectrum from Loss-flattened Electron Distribution
744 2002 赤崎みどり 衛星搭載用遠赤外線Ge:Ga検出器の放射線特性の研究
745 2002 Ryo Shibata Distribution of the Temperature and Metal Abundance in the Hot Intra-Cluster Medium of the Virgo Cluster of Galaxies
746 2002 Tae Furusho X-ray Study of Dynamical Evolution in Clusters of Galaxies
747 2002 Junko Hiraga Diagnostics of the X-ray CCD with Subpixel Resolution
748 2002 Hiroshi Tsunemi Application of the Mesh Experiment for the Back-Illuminated CCD:I. Experiment and the Charge Cloud Shape
749 2002 Akira Yamori Experimental Results of a Two-Stage Plasma Armature Railgun
750 2002 Akihiro Kushino ASCA Study of the Large-Scale Fluctuation in the Cosmic X-ray Background
751 2002 Tatsuhiko Asanuma Spatially Resolved X-ray Spectroscopy of Composite-type Supernova Remnants
752 2002 幅 良統,國枝秀世,前田良知,見崎一民,森 英之,柴田 亮 Contributions to SPIE Conference 4851 entitled X-ray and Gamma-ray Telescopes and Instruments for Astronomy

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