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690 2000 A. Ichimura and M. Nakamura The Hard Potential Model for Rotational and Vibrational Excitations in Ion-Molecule Collisions
691 2000 T. Tamura ASCA Measurements of the Gravitational Potential Profile in the Central Region of Galaxy Clusters
692 2000 K. Kinugasa X-Ray Observation of Thermal Emission from Shell-like Supernova Remnants with ASCA
693 2000 Y. Kazama, K. Asamura, Y. Saito and T. Mukai Transmission properties of medium-energy atoms through an ultrathin carbon foil
694 2000 F. Nagase, Y. Ueda, B. Paul, H. Negoro, M. Sugizaki, H. Matsumoto, T.G. Tsuru, M. Takahashi, et al. Contributions to the IAU Colloquium 177 and the Conference on X-ray Astronomy 1999
695 2000 H. Tomida Synchrotron Emission from the Shell-Like Supernova Remnants and the Cosmic-Ray Origin
696 2000 N. Iyomoto X-ray Study of Declined Activity in Massive Black Holes at the Center of Nearby Galaxies
697 2000 G. Pignolet, K. Kimata and T. Nagakawa SPS-2000 Attache Case Functional Demonstrator
698 2000 H. Okuda, T. Matsumoto, K. Kawara, H. Matsuhara, C. P. Pearson et al Japanese Deep Surveys with ISO & Related Topics
699 2000 ‰ª‘º‹g•F Astro-F“‹Ú ‰“ÔŠOüŒŸoŠí Ge: Ga‘fŽq‚̐«”\•]‰¿
700 2000 M. Sugizaki Faint X-ray Sources Resolved in the ASCA Galactic Plane Survey and Their Contribution to the X-ray Ridge Emission
701 2000 D. Akutsu, K. Hayashida, S. Kitamoto, T. Koike, E. Miyata, K. Mori, et al. Contributions to the SPIE's International Symposium on Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation 2000.
702 2000 H. Tsunemi, E. Miyata, B. Aschenbach, J. Hiraga and D. Akutsu Overabundance of Calcium in the young SNR RX J0852-4622: evidence of over-production of 44Ti.
703 2000 M. Matsuura, I. Yamamura, H. Murakami, T. Onaka, T. Ootsubo, T. Tohya, Y. Okamura, M. M. Freund and M. Tanaka Infrared Properties of SiO Master Sources in Late-Type Stars.
704 2000 Kanako Seki On the Origin and Dynamics of Lobe/Mantle Plasmas in the Earth's Magnetosphere.
705 2000 Ken'ichi Kikuchi Structure of the Hot Intracluster Medium in the Virgo Cluster of Galaxies.
706 2000 Susumu Teramoto Computational Study on the Dynamic Stability of a Blunt Reentry Capsule at Transonic Speeds.
707 2000 R. Shibata, K. Matsushita, N. Y. Yamasaki, T. Ohashi, M. Ishida, K. Kikuchi, H. Bohringer and H. Matsumoto Temperature Map of the Virgo Cluster of Galaxies Observed with ASCA.
708 2000 Tadashi Nakajima and Hideo Matsuhara Sensitivity of an Imaging Space Infrared Interferometer.

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