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356 1987 M. Shimizu Precise Ultraviolet Absorbance Study of the Interaction of Amino Acids and Mononucleosides in Aqueous Solution.
357 1987 M. Asashima et al. Embryonic Development of the Newt Cynops pyrrhogaster in Very Weak Magnetic Fields.
358 1987 K. Nagata et al. The Geographical Distributions of Electrons (0.05-3.2 MeV) and Protons (0.58-35 MeV) at Altitudes of 350-850 km.
359 1987 T. Murakami et al. 0.65 Second Oscillation on the Peak of an X-Ray Burst From X1608-522.
360 1987 M. Nakamura et al. Detection of Absorption Lines in the Spectra of X-Ray Bursts from X1608-52.
361 1987 スペースプラズマ専門委員会 スペースプラズマ実験設備中間報告
362 1987 H. Oguchi et al. A. Free-Flight Experiment of Vehicles Ranging from High Subsonic to High Supersonic Speeds.
363 1987 M. Yamamoto et al. A Modified Finite Volume Method and Application to Simulation on Real Shock-Tube Flows.
364 1987 T. Yamamoto et al. Cometary Nucleus as Aggregate of Planetesimals.
365 1987 Y. Itikawa et al. Differential Cross Sections for Electron-Impact Excitation of Atomic Ions.
366 1987 K. Takayanagi Low Energy Molecular Collisions
367 1987 M. Nakamura et al. Electric Field Measurement by S-520-9 Sounding Rocket Using the Time of Flight Technique of Lithium Iron Beam.
368 1987 H. Oguchi et al. Mixing Processes of Gases Ejected from a Circular Cylinder in Uniform Flow.
369 1987 Y. Okumura et al. Tenma Observations of the X-Ray Spectra of the Coma, Ophiuchus and Perseus Clusters of Galaxies.
370 1987 R. Akiba An Elementary Study of the Aerospaceplane.
371 1987 The GINGA LAC Team Discovery of an Unusual Hard X-Ray Source the Region of SN 1987A.
372 1987 M. Shimizu A Proton Magnetic Resonance Study on Structure of UpU-Lysine Complex in Relation to Origin of the Genetic Code.
373 1987 S. Miyashi et al. X-Ray Observation of IC 4329A.
374 1987 Y. Itikawa et al. Cross Sections for Collisions of Electrons and Photons with Oxygen Molecules.
375 1987 N. Kawashima et al. 10 Meter Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Antenna in Japan.
376 1987 K. Makishima et al. Spin-Dawn of the X-ray Pulsar GX 1+4 During an Extended Low State.
377 1987 Y. Tanaka First Results from GINGA.
378 1987 Y. Tanaka Future Space Astronomy Programme of Japan.

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