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309 1986 M. Matsuoka et al. Detection of an Intense Iron Line at 6.4keV in the X-Ray Spectrum of NGC 4151.
310 1986 M. Shimizu Specific Interaction of Dinucleoside Monophosphates with their Cognate Amino Acids Measured by Ultraviolet Absorbance Method - Molecular Basis for the Genetic Code -
311 1986 T. Kii et al. Anisotropic X-Ray Transfer in a Strongly Magnetized Plasma of the X-Ray Pulsar 4U1626-67.
312 1986 T. Mukai, W. Miyake, T. Terasawa and K. Hirao Observation of Solar Wind Ions by the Interplanetary Spacecraft Suisei(PLANET-A).
313 1986 K. Makishima Low-Frequency X-Ray Variabilities in Low-Mass X-Ray Binaries.
314 1986 Y. Kitamura et al. Hydrodynamic Study of Condensation and Sublimation of Ice Particles in Cometray Atmospheres.
315 1986 F. Makino et al. Simultaneous Multifrequency Observations of the BL Lac Object Markarian421.
316 1986 N. Sato et al. X-Ray Probing of the Circumstellar Matter in the Vela X-1 System from the Observation over an Eclipse Phase.
317 1986 Wang Boqi et al. X-Ray Observation of Cen A from Tenma.
318 1986 N. Kawashima et al. Vacuum and Electromagnetic Environment Measured in SL-1 SEPAC.
319 1986 Wang Boqi X-Ray Emission from an Active Galaxy Centaurus A.
320 1986 ‘q’JŒ’Ž‘ ‚‰·”½‰ž‚Μ‘¬“x’萔‚Ι‚Β‚’‚Δ‚Μ’†ŠΤ•ρ
321 1986 K. Makishima et al. Spectra and Pulse Period of the Binary X-ray Pulsar 4U 1538-52.
322 1986 K.I. Oyama et al. Measurements of Parallel and Perpendicular Electron Temperatures in the Ionosphere-Explanation for the Confliction of Te Measurements.
323 1986 S. Sasaki et al. The fourth US-Japan Tethered Payload Experiment - Quick Look Report -.
324 1986 K. Koyama A Summary of Tenma Observation of Diffuse Galactic X-Ray Emission.
325 1986 T. Terasawa et al. Decay Instability of Finite-Amplitude Circularly Polarized Alfven Waves: A Numerical Simulation of Stimulated Brillouin Scattering.
326 1986 F. Makino et al. X-Ray Astronomy Satellite Astro-C.
327 1986 J. Nishimura et al. Comptonization of Soft X-ray Photons in an Optically thin Hot Plasma.
328 1986 E. Kaneda et al. Observation of Comet Halley by the Ultraviolet Imager of Suisei.
329 1986 K. Oyama et al. Was the solar wind decelerated by the Comet P/Halley?
330 1986 T. Mukai et al. Solar wind Interaction with the Comet P/Halley: Plasma Observation by SUISEI.
331 1986 T. Saito et al. Interaction between Comet Halley and the IMF Observed by "SAKIGAKE".
332 1986 M. Matsuoka, et al. Observation of an Iron K X-Ray Line from SS433.
333 1986 T. Yamamoto Chemical Composition of Cometary Ice and Grains, and Origin of Comets.
334 1986 H. Oya et al. Discovery of Cometary Kilometric Radiations and Plasma Waves at Comet Halley.
335 1986 K. Koyama et al. A Redetermination of the X-Ray Spectrum of SN1006 and Excess Diffuse Emission from the Lupus Region.
336 1986 T.Murakami, et al. X-Ray Spectrum from Gamma Casiopeia.
337 1986 T.Murakami, et al. Pulse Period of X Persei.
338 1986 K. Yumoto et al. Hydromagnetic waves Near O+ (OR H2O+) Ion Cyclotron Frequency Observed by SAKIGAKE at the Closest Approach to Comet Halley.
339 1986 H. Oguchi et al. An Application of Mass-Sampling Probe to Experiments on Free Jets of Rarefied Gases Mixture.
340 1986 K. Makishima Iron Lines from Galactic and Extra-Galactic X-ray Sources.
341 1986 K. Koyama Thin Thermal X-ray Emission from the ƒΟOphiuchi Dark Cloud.
342 1986 M. Matsuoka Variability of Radio, Optical and X-ray Intensities from SS433.
343 1986 E. Kaneda et al. Activity of Comet Halley Observed in the Ultraviolet.
344 1986 T. Terasawa et al. Detection of Cometary Pickup Ions up to 107kM from Comet Halley: Suisei Observation.
345 1986 T. Mukai et al. Ion Dynamics and Distribution around Comet Halley Suisei Observation.
346 1986 T. Saito et al. A Disturbance of the Ion Tail of Comet Halley and the Heliospheric Structure as Observed by Sakigake.
347 1986 T. Mukai Study of Hemispherical Electrostatic Analyzers and its Application to Rocket and Satellite Observations of Low Energy Electrons.
348 1986 Y. Tanaka et al. The Origin and Evolution of Neutron Stars.
349 1986 T. Nakagawa et al. Interplanetary Magnetic Microstructure Observed by Sakigake near its Closest Approach to Comet Halley.
350 1986 H. Oguchi et al. A Shock-Tube Experimental on Gases Mixing Processes Associated with CO2/N2 Mixing Gasdynamic Laser.
351 1986 O. Ashihara A Theoretical Determination of the Density at a Traveling Source that Emitts Particles.
352 1986 K. Takayanagi et al. Para-Ortho Abundance Ratio of Molecular Hydrogen in NGC2023.
353 1986 T. Murakami et al. An Oxide Passivated and Ion-Implanted Si Detector for X-Ray Astronomy.
354 1986 K. Koyama et al. X-Ray Observation of Extraordinary Pulsar 1E2259+586.
355 1986 M. Shimizu Fast Atom Bombardment Study on Interaction of Anticodonic Nucleotides and their Cognate Amino Acid.

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