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12 1976 M. Matsuoka and H. Tsunemi Optical Observations of X-Ray Nova A0620-00.
13 1976 Y. Nakamura, M. Nakamura and T. Itoh Observation of Ion-Acoustic Waves in Two-Ion Plasmas.
14 1976 M. Eiraku, N. Kawano, N. Kawajiri, K. Makishima, M. Matsuoka, T. Moriuchi and H. Tsunemi Simultaneous Optical and Radio Observations of Sco X-1.
15 1976 T. Terasawa Energy Spectrum and Pitch-Angle Distribution of Particles Reflected by MHD Shock Waves of Fast Mode.
16 1976 S. Ikezawa, Y. Kawai, T. Hara, Y. Nakamura, T, Itoh and T. Kawabe Propagation of the Higher-Order Landau Modes of Electron Plasma Wave.
17 1976 N. Kawashima, S. Sasaki, O. Kaneko and A. Yamori Controlled Plasma Experiment in the Ionosphere with a Plasma Gun.
18 1976 O. Ashihara and M. Shimizu The effect of electron precipitation on the Jovian ionosphere. - Analysis of Pioneer 10/11 S and occultation data -.
19 1976 Y. Kiwamoto, N. Kawashima and T. Obayashi Propagation and Expansion of an Electron Beam Ejected from the Space Shuttle into the Ionosphere.
20 1976 H. Oguchi, K. Funabiki and S. Sato A New Type of the Shock Valve and its Characteristic Performance.
21 1976 R. Okamura, Y. Nakamura and N. Kawashima Experiments on the Interaction of a High-Intensity Short-Pulsewidth Relativistic-Electron-Beam With Plasma.
22 1976 T. Terasawa Fermi Acceleration Through the Multiple Reflection Between the MHD Shock Wave and the Upstream Scattering Centers. - Model calculation and application to interplanetary shock waves -
23 1976 S. Hayakawa, T. Kato, T. Murakami, F. Nagase, Y. Tanaka and K. Yamashita X-Ray Features of North Polar Spur.
24 1976 S. Miyamoto Radiative Transfer Effect in an Ionized Medium at High Temperature.

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