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443 1970.2 Ryo Horiuchi, Junichi Kaneko A.B. Elsebai and M.M. Sultan The Characteristics of the Hot Torsion Test for Assessing Hot Workability of Aluminum Alloys.
444 1970.2 Yasushi Ishii A Real-Time Signal Processing System for Correlation and Spectrum Analysis.
445 1970.3 Masaru Matsuoka Distribution of X-ray Sources and Appearance Frequency of Galactic X-ray Stars.
446 1970.3 Migiwa Kono and Haruya Kubo Steady-state Plasma Production Device by Direct Current Discharge.
447 1970.3 Nobuharu Aoshima Measurement of the Wave Propagation by Correlation Techniques.
448 1970.3 Hiroki Honma Energy Transfer Processes in an Ionized Nonequilibrium Flow.
449 1970.4 Saburo Nagano and Hiroyuki Takata Nonlinear Analysis of Rotating Stall.
450 1970.6 Satoaki Omori Hybrid Combustion with Surface Pyrolysis.
451 1970.6 Nobuyuki Satofuka A Numerical Study of Shock Formation in Cylindrical and Two-Dimensional Shock Tubes.
452 1970.7 Tetsuo Yasaka A Method of Minimum Weight Design with Requirements Imposed on Stresses and Natural Frequencies.
453 1970.8 Hiroshi Sato and Yoshio Onda Detailed Measurements in the Transition Region of a Two-Dimensional Wake.
454 1970.9 Hiroki Matsuo On the Visibility of Satellite in an Elliptic Orbit.
455 1970.9 Mikio Shimizu Exospheric Temperature of Venus.
456 1970.9 Mikio Shimizu Diurnal Variation of Martian Exospheric Temperature.
457 1970.12 Osami Okada and Kyoichi Kuriki The Interaction between a Plasma Flow and a Magnetic Nozzle with Strong Hall Effect.
458 1970.12 Haruya Kubo, Tomizo Itoh and Akira Yamori Laboratory Experiment of the Solar Wind Interaction with Planetary Bodies.

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