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419 1968.1 Koichi Oshima and Yuko Oshima An Analytical Approach to the Thermal Design of Spacecrafts.
420 1968.1 Tadao Takeno Experimental Studies on Driving Mechanism of the High Frequency Combustion Oscillation in a Premixed Gas Rocket.
421 1968.2 Akira Nakano The Effects of Malalignment on the Aeroelastic Behavior of Unguided Rockets.
422 1968.3 Tsutomu Tamao Hydromagnetic Coupling Oscillations in Non-uniform, Collisionless Plasmas.
423 1968.3 Megumi Sunakawa Elastic Stability of Spherical Shells Subjected to External Pressure.
424 1968.3 Akira Kobayashi, Nobuo Otani and Kozo Kawata Preliminary Experimental Study on Low Cycle Fatigue of Filament-Wound Composites.
425 1968.6 Keiichi Karashima, Hirotoshi Kubota and Kiyoshi Sato An Aerodynamic Study of Ablation Near the Region of Stagnation Point of Axially Symmetric Bodies at Hypersonic Speeds.
426 1968.7 Tadayoshi Doke, Katsuaki Nagata, Shigeo Nakagawa, Akira Sasaki and Masashiro Tsukuda Rocket-Borne dE/dx•E Semiconductor Detector Telescope for Particle Identification.
427 1968.8 Takashi Sawada and Sekiji Yamagata Equations, Tables and Charts for Shock Drag Parameter (Mach Number: 1.1-15.0, Shock Angle: 90° - Mach Angle.).
428 1968.8 B.G. Wilson The Low Energy Diffuse Cosmic X-Radiation.
429 1968.9 Tatsuzo Obayashi and Takao Tsuda Energy Transfer across the Magnetospheric Boundary (A Computer Simulation of the cross-field Heat Transfer in a Collisionless Plasma).
430 1968.11 Tadao Takeno A Theoretical Study for Initiation of High-Frequency Combustion Oscillation in Premixed Gas Rocket.
431 1968.11 Tatsuzo Obayashi Plasma Physics in Space Research.
432 1968.12 Motoki Hinada Experimental Study on the Drag of Blunt Bodies of Revolution at Hypersonic Speeds.
433 1968.12 Tutomu Kambe Magnetic Cavity due to Line Currents in a Plasma.

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