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(Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)

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Information for Library Visitors
ŸUser's Qualification
Visitors are welcome to use ISAS library to browse the materials and
the data that belong to ISAS library for research or investigation.

ŸProcedures for Use
1)Please inform us the detail of your purpose and the date of the visit in advance.
2)Please apply to use the ISAS Library at the ISAS front gate.
3)Please come to ISAS Library counter.

ŸAvailable Day & Hours
Monday - Friday 10:00 - 17:00
(Except Public Holidays and from 28th, Dec. to 4th, Jan.)
*Library may also be closed for some events.

ŸAvailable Service
ERead and browse only in the library.
Visitors at Sagamihara Campus are not allowed to take materials out on loan from the ISAS Library.
Please don't take photographs inside the library.
EPhotocopy : JP \35 per a sheet. (black and white only)
Please ask the librarian at the counter if you want to use the services.

ŸAccess to ISAS Library
Λto ISAS Sagamihara Campus Homepage
ŸContact Information
(e-mail)isaslib* (Please change [*] to [@])
The materials in JAXA libraries can be searched through webOPAC.
ISAS Library is shown as gISASh

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