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379 1988 D.A. Leahy et al. Detection of an X-Ray Intensity Dip From GX 301-2.
380 1988 K. Nagata et al. Electron (0.19-3.2MeV) and Proton (0.68-35MeV) Precipitation's Observed by OHZORA satellite at Low Latitude Zones 11.6-1.8.
381 1988 H. Tsunemi et al. The X-Ray Spectrum of the Cygnus Loop Measured with Gas Scintillation Proportional Counters.
382 1988 K-I. Oyama et al. Observation of Electron Temperature Anisotropy in the Ionosphere -A review-.
383 1988 K-I. Oyama et al. Temperature Structure of Plasma Bubbles in the Low Latitude Ionosphere Around 600km Altitude.
384 1988 S. Kumagai et al. Hard X- and Gamma-rays from SN 1987A and Mixing of the Supernova Ejecta.
385 1988 K. Koyama X-Ray Observations with the Ginga satellite.
386 1988 Y. Tanaka X-Ray Observation of SN 1987 A from GINGA.
387 1988 T. Murakami et al. Spectral Features in Gamma-ray Bursts Seen with GINGA; Evidence for Cyclotron Absorption.
388 1988 T. Nakagawa et al. An Infrared Study of Starbursts in the Interacting Galaxy Pair Arp (NGC 3690 + IC 694).
389 1988 スペースプラズマ専門委員会 スペースプラズマ実験設備 - 設備概要(最終報告書)
390 1988 K. Kawara et al. Infrared Spectroscopic Observation of Methane in Comet Halley.
391 1988 K. Koyama Ginga View of the Galactic Ridge.
392 1988 T. Nakagawa Origins of Far-Infrared Luminosity of Galaxies.
393 1988 K. Koyama Iron Line Emission from NGC1068.
394 1988 K. Koyama et al. Are There Many Be Star Binary X-Ray Pulsars in the Galactic Ridge?
395 1988 K. Schlegel et al. Electron Temperatures in the High Latitude Topside Ionosphere from Satellite and Incoherent Scatter Data.
396 1988 Y. Tanaka et al. Contribution to The COSPAR Symposium 14, Advances and Perspectives in X-Ray and Gamma-Ray Astronomy.
397 1988 S. Nakazaki et al. Differential Cross Sections for Electron-Impact Excitation of Hydrogen-Like Ions.
398 1988 K-I. Oyama et al. Detection of Cometary Ions at a Distance of 7 Million Kilometers Upstream of Comet Halley.
399 1988 L. Yonggui et al. Frequency Stabilization of an Argon Laser for a Gravitational Wave Antenna -Differential Method-.
400 1988 M. Kohno et al. Current SRM Nozzle Design and Testing.
401 1988 H. Matsuhara et al. A [C II] 158 Micro Map of the M17 Complex.
402 1988 T. Yamada A Generalization of Multidimensional Product Codes.
403 1988 T. Yamada On Generalization of Concatenated Codes.

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