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286 1985 N. Kawai et al. Confirmation of the Orbital Parameters of GX301-2.
287 1985 M. Shimizu Molecular Electric Mechanism for Discrimination of Amino Acid by Cognate tRNA.
288 1985 S. Yoneda A Calculation by Using Semi-Empirical Potentials of a Complex of Nucleotides and the Cognate Amino Acid; A Numerical Approach to the Amino Acid Recognition by tRNA for Typical Ten Cases.
289 1985 M. Itoh Analytic Approach to Comptonization Effect.
290 1985 K. Koyama et al. Thermal X-ray Emission with Intense 6.7keV Iron Line from the Galactic Ridge.
291 1985 Y. Itikawa et al. Cross Sections for Collisions of Electrons and Photons with Nitrogen Molecules.
292 1985 K. Makishima et al. Simultaneous X-ray and Optical Observations of GX339-4 in an X-ray High State.
293 1985 M. Matsuoka Variability of Apparent Radii in the Decay Part of Type I X-ray Bursts.
294 1985 H. Oguchi et al. Self-Acting Double Shock Tubes and Application to Experiment of Gases Mixing Process.
295 1985 Y. Kitamura Axisymmetric Dusty Gas Jet in the Inner Coma of a Comet.
296 1985 M. Matsuoka Iron K X-Ray Emission Lines from Cosmic X-Ray Sources Observed with Tenma.
297 1985 S. Kitamoto The X-Ray Spectrum of Cygnus X-3.
298 1985 D. Cai, et al. Extremely Low Frequency Oscillations Excited by Electron Beam Injection in SEPAC Spacelab-1 Experiment.
299 1985 K. Koyama et al. A Possible Contribution of Supernova Remnants to the Excess X-ray Emission from the Galactic Ridge.
300 1985 P. C. Agrawal et al. Detection of High Temperature Plasma in the Orion Nebula: An Intense 6.7keV Iron X-ray Emission Line in Its Spectrum.
301 1985 T. Yamagami et al. Selection Effects on the Size and Frequency Distribution of Cosmic Gamma-Rays Bursts.
302 1985 N. Kawai Characteristics of The X-Ray Emission from The Rapid Burster (MXB1730-335) observed with Tenma.
303 1985 Y. Tanaka Observations of Compact X-Ray Sources.
304 1985 H. Tsunemi, et al. X-Ray Spectra of Cas A and Tycho Supernova Remnants and their Element Abundance.
305 1985 A. Matsuzaki Self-organization in Laser-induced Aerosol Formation.
306 1985 F. Nagase et al. Circumstellar Matter in the VELA X-1/HD77581 System.
307 1985 K.I. Oyama et al. Behavior of the Electron Temperature in the Plasma Bubble at the Heights of 600km.
308 1985 E. Kaneda et al. Strong Breathing of the Hydrogen Coma of the Comet P/Halley.

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