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246 1984 K. Mitani et al. Variations of the Pulse Profile and the X-ray Intensity of GX 301-2 (4U1223-62).
247 1984 K. Miura and K. Suzuki Design and Mechanism of a Deployable Truss Structure.
248 1984 M. Matsuoka et al. Delays of Optical Bursts in Simultaneous Optical and X-ray Observations of MXB 1636-15.
249 1984 M. Fujii, J. Nishimura and T. Kobayashi Improvements in the Sensitivity and the Etching Properties of CR-39.
250 1984 T. Yamamoto Physical Condition for the Formation of Cometary Nuclei in the Primordial Solar Nebula.
251 1984 K. Mitsuda X-ray Emission from Accreting Low Mass Binary X-ray Sources.
252 1984 Y. Yagi Experimental Study of Plasma Current Sheet in the Quadrupole Magnetic Field.
253 1984 K. Takahashi, S. Sasaki and N. Kawashima Beam Plasma Discharge in Laboratory Experiment: The Dependence of Critical Beam Current on Other Experimental Parameters.
254 1984 N. Kawashima et al. Electron Beam Emission from a Satellite EXOS-B (JIKIKEN) as a Powerful Diagnostic Tool in the Magnetosphere.
255 1984 T. Obayashi and SEPAC Team Space Experiment with Particle Accelerators: SEPAC/SPACELAB-1.
256 1984 M. Fujii and J. Nishimura Etched-Track Kinetics in Solid State Nuclear Track Detectors.
257 1984 O. Inoue Vortex Simulation of Initially Forced Mixing Layers.
258 1984 S. Sasaki et al. Rotating Electrons Discharge Model for a Spacecraft Emitting a High Power Electron Beam in Space.
259 1984 S. Sasaki et al. Gas Ionization Phenomena in SEPAC SPACELAB-1 Experiment-SEPAC Science Peport No. 1-
260 1984 S. Sasaki et al. Charge Build-up of Orbiter Measured in SEPAC SPACELAB-1 Experiment - SEPAC Science Report No.2-.
261 1984 T. Yamamoto Formation Environment of Cometary Nuclei in the Primordial Solar Nebula.
262 1984 S. Sasaki et al. Neutralization Effect of a Plasma and Gas Plume on the Charging of Orbiter in SEPAC Spacelab-1 Experiment - SEPAC Science Report No.3 -.
263 1984 T. Obayashi et al. Initial Results of SEPAC Scientific Achievement - SEPAC Science Report No.5 -.
264 1984 K. Sadakane et al. Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Observations of HD 77581 (Vela X-1=4U 0900-40).
265 1984 S. Sasaki et al. Verification of the Critical Velocity Ionization in SEPAC Spacelab-1 Experiment - SEPAC Science Reort No.4 -.
266 1984 A. Ichimura and M. Ichimura A Semiclassical Approximation for the Massive Transfer.
267 1984 M. Nakamura et al. Development of a Lithium Ion Gun for Electric Field Measurement in Space Plasma(1).
268 1984 T. Ohnuma and Watanabe Numerical Studies of Plasma Waves Excited by a Modulated Electron Beam in SEPAC.
269 1984 S. Sasaki et al. Ignition of Beam Plasma Discharge Observed in Spacelab-1 SEPAC/PICPAB Joint Experiment - SEPAC Science Report No.6 -.
270 1984 S. Tsuneta Heating and Acceleration Processes in Hot Thermal and Impulsive Solar Flares.
271 1984 M. Shimizu Detection of Molecular Entities of the Genetic Code.
272 1984 M. Fujii Thermosetting Resins for Nuclear Track Detection.
273 1984 Y. Tanaka The Tenma Mission.
274 1984 O. Inoue, K. Ashida and H. Oguchi Simulation of a Flow Past a Porous Plate.
275 1984 H. Inoue Tenma Observations of Bright Binary X-Ray Sources.
276 1984 T. Yamamoto et al. Condensation of Ice Particles in the Vicinity of a Cometary Nucleus.
277 1984 I. Waki Energy Spectrum of X-Ray Bursts.
278 1984 S. Yoneda et al. Induced Fitting Between a Complex of four Nucleotides and the Cognate Amino Acid.
279 1984 Y. Tanaka Recent Results from the Japanese X-Ray Astronomy Satellites.
280 1984 J. Nishimura et al.

Relation Between the Celestial Distribution and the LOG N-LOG S of Gamma Ray Bursts.

281 1984 O. Inoue A Note on the Use of Vortex Method.
282 1984 K. Makishima X-Ray Pulsars and Black-Hole Candidates.
283 1984 M. Yanagisawa et al. SEPAC Data Base Product Tape.
284 1984 F. Makino et al. Observation of X-Ray Spectrum of GX301-2.
285 1984 K. Akai Electron Beam-Plasma Interaction Experiment in Space.

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