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169 1982 K. Makishima, K. Mitsuda, H. Inoue, K. Koyama, M. Matsuoka, T. Murakami, M. Oda, Y. Ogawara, T. Ohashi, N. Shibazaki, Y. Tanaka, F.J. Marshall, S. Hayakawa, H. Kunieda, F. Makino, F. Nagase, Y. Tawara, S. Miyamoto, H. Tsunemi, K. Tsuno, K. Yamashita and I. Kondo Discovery of X-ray Bursts from GX 3+1 (4UL 744-26)
170 1982 T. Abe Modified FIC Method in Fluid Dynamical Simulation and its Applications
171 1982 K. Takayanagi Low-velocity ion-molecule collisions with quadrupole interaction
172 1982 S. Sasaki, K. Oyama , K. Tsuruda, T. Yokota Standard Solid State TV Camera for Sounding Rockets
173 1982 N. Kawashima, S. Sasaki, K. Oyama, K. Akai, and Y. Nakai Floating Potential and Return Current Measurements in an Electron Beam Experiment on board S-520-2 Rocket
174 1982 T. Murakami et al. Observation of CENX-3 by HAKUCHO
175 1982 F. Nagase et al. Observation of an Outburst of the Transient X-ray Pulsar AO 535+26 in 1980
176 1982 Y. Watanabe and A. Nishida Field Line Distortion and Joule Heating by the Corotation Enforcement Current in the Javian
177 1982 A. Nishida Mageto-Ionosphere Numerical Evaluation of the Precursotry Increase to the Forbush Decrease expected from the Diffusion Convection Model
178 1982 F. Nagase, et al. Secular Spin-Down and Short-Term Fluctuations of the Pulse Period of Vela X-1
179 1982 A. Nishida IMF Control on the Earth's Magnetosphere.
180 1982 M. Harayama, T. Saito and A. Iwama Further Investigations on the Laser Ignition Behaviors of Composite Solid Propellant at Sub-atmospheric Pressures (I) Non Self-sustaning Ignition.
181 1982 T. Saito, H. Tokui and A. Iwama Further Investigations on the Laser Ignition Behaviors of Composite Solid Propellant at Sub-atmospheric Pressures; (II) On the Surface Temperature Measurement Results During Ignition Process by Means of Non-contact Method.
182 1982 D. Fukuma, K. Shirota and A. Iwama Effect of HTPB Polymer Characteristics on Propellant Performance.
183 1982 T. Abe Stimulated Emission from Relativistic Plasma through Rippled Magnetic Field.
184 1982 T. Abe Density Gradient Effect on the Two-stream Instability.
185 1982 S. Sasaki, et al. (SEPAC Team) Scientific On-Line Data Analysis Quick Look System for SEPAC Experiment.
186 1982 M. Oda X-Ray Imaging Techniques Modulation Collimator and Coded Mask.
187 1982 S. Sasaki, et al. (SEPAC Team) MTV/SODA-QL Joint Report on the Third NASDA-SEPAC Test (Summary).
188 1982 J. Nishimura, M. Fujii and T. Yamagami X-ray Emission Associated with Gamma Ray Bursts.
189 1982 M. Shimizu Recognition of the Aminoacyl-tRNA - Synthetase by the Cognate U Shaped tRNA and its Relation to the Genetic Codes.
190 1982 S. Sasaki, K. Takahashi and N. Kawashima Beam Plasma Discharge in Space Experiment with a High Power Electron Beam.
191 1982 N. Kawashima et al. Charging and Charging Neutralization Experiments Using SEPAC Flight Hardwares in a Large Space Chamber.
192 1982 S. Sasaki et al. Charging Model of a Spacecraft Emitting an Electron Beam in Space.
193 1982 Y. Ogawa et al. Recent Progress in Space Experiments on Gravitation by a Precise Tracking of Deep Space Satellite.
194 1982 J. Hirano et al.. Effect of Non-Uniform Mass Distribution in a Drag-free Deep Space Satellite.
195 1982 A. Nishida and Y. Kamide

Magnetospheric Processes Preceding the Onset of an Isolated Substorm - A case study of the March 1, 1978 Substorm.

196 1982 C.S. Coray, K. Hirao and K. Oyama Reduction of Hinotori Data.
197 1982 T. Abe Stationary Wave Structure of the Critical Ionization.
198 1982 A. Nishida Numerical Modeling of the Energy Spectrum of the Cosmic-Ray Forbush Decrease.
199 1982 S. Sasaki et al. Observation of Electron Beam Propagation in a Large Space Chamber.
200 1982 H. Okuda, et al. A Balloon Borne Telescope for Infrared Astronomy.
201 1982 K.I. Oyama, C.S. Coray and K. Hirao Mathematical Simulation of Langmuir Probe Contamination.
202 1982 T. Yamamoto, N. Nakagawa and Y. Fukui On the Chemical Composition and Thermal History of the Ice of a Cometary Nucleus.
203 1982 M. Shimizu Stereochemical Theories on the Genetic Code: Revisited.

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