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9 1989.3 Proceedings of the Symposium on Mechanics for Space Flight.
K. Oshima Preface
K. Oshima Numerical Solutions of Viscous, Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations.
S. Aso, M. Hayashi and N. Futatsudera Numerical Simulations of Separated Flow around Two-Dimensional Wing Section by a Discrete Vortex Method.
K. Noto Computational Prediction on Disappearance of the Karman Vortex Street due to Heating of Cylinder Submerged in Horizontal Main Stream.
M. Katagiri On Accurate Numerical Solutions of the Unsteady Boundary Layer Flow around a Circular Cylinder.
H.L. Chen, K. Oshima and M. Hinada Numerical Analysis of Thermocapillary and Evaporating flows at Low Bond Number.
K. Etori New Estimation on Specific Heat of Superfluid Helium by Roton-Growth Model and Its Gravitational Effect in Rotating System.
M. Hirashima, Y. Nishikawa, M. Taguchi, K. Negishi, K. Kaneko and H. Takemura Characteristics of Top Heat Mode Thermosyphons (Part II: An Improved Model.
K. Oshima Research and Development on Heat Pipe and Related Thermal Engineering Technologies in Japan.
V. Hlavacka, F. Polasek and K. Oshima Design Calculation of Heat Pipes and Heat Pipe Systems.
10 1989.9 Tadayoshi Doke, Jun Kikuchi, Kyoshi Nishijima, Nobuyuki Hasebe, Hiroyuki Murakami, Atsushi Nakamoto, Tomoki Yanagimachi, Kensai Ito, Tsuyoshi Kohno, Katsuaki Nagata, Berend Wilken, Kiyoshi Maezawa, Toshio Terasawa, Shohei Yanagita and Atsuhiro Nishida High Energy Particle Experiments for The Geotail Mission -GEOTAIL HEP-


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