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6 1988.3 Proceedings of the Symposium on Mechanics for Space Flight.
K. Oshima Preface
H.L. Chen and K. Oshima Numerical Analysis of Reconnection of Vortex Rings.
A. Yamashita and Y. Oshima Vortex Filament Simulation for the Crosslinking Vortex Rings.
Y. Oshima and N. Izutsu Crosslinking of Two Vortex Rings Side by Side.
Y. Ishii and H. Kanda Turbulence Transition in a Circular Pipe.
H. Shirai Absorption Characteristics of Si3N4 Ablation Layer Plasma.
K. Etori Thermostatistical Estimation of Vapor-State Molecules affected by Gravity in a Heat Pipe.
F. Kaminaga, N. Tsuyuzaki, T. Saito, M. Konno and Y. Okamoto An Experimental Investigation of Transient Characteristics in a Gravity-Assisted Heat Pipe.
Y. Ikeda and S Onuma

Heat Transfer of Mesh-Wick Heat-Pipes (Bottom Heat Mode).

T. Matsuoka, K. Negishi, K. Kaneko, M. Hirashima, Y. Nishikawa and M. Taguchi An Arranging Method on L/D of Two-Phase Closed Thermosyphons.
M. Murakami, K. Arai and Y. Kojima A Statistical Treatment of Accerelated Life Test Data for Copper-Water Heat Pipes.
Y. Miyazaki, Y. Kuriyama and M. Furukawa Forced-Convective Boiling in Small Diameter Tube.
M. Hirashima, U. Nishikawa, M. Taguchi, K. Negishi, K. Kaneko and T. Matsuoka Characteristics of Long Size Thermosyphons Made of Corrugated Tube.
L.Z. Guang and K. Oshima An Analysis of Gas-Steam Total Power Recovery Energy System.
M. Inoue, K.Tsuchiya, A. Nakajima and C. Murakami Nutational Stability of a Satellite Equipped with an Active Magnetic Momeutum Wheel.
M. Hinada, I. Nakatani, K. Ninomiya, N. Muranaka, T. Namera, M. Uo and N. Ogura Dynamics of Satellite with Radial Wire Antennas.
7 1988.11 An Aerodynamics in Relation to an Aeroassisted Orbit Transfer Vehicle.
T. Abe Preface
T. Abe A Self- consistent Tension Shell Structure for Application to Aerobraking Vehicle and its Aerodynamic Characteristics.
H. Honma, A. Tsukamoto, T. Ohno and T. Tanaka Generation and Observation of Strong Shock Waves in the Flight Regiemes of AOTV.
K. Nanbu, S. Igarashi and Y. Watanabe Hypersonic Rarefied Flows Around a Circular Disk Perpendicular to the Stream.
K. V. Reddy, T. Fujiwara, T. Ogawa and K. Arashi Computation of Three-Dimensional Chemically Reacting Viscous Flow around Rocket Body.
S. Tanaka, K. Teshima, K. Ueno and M. Nishida Flow Visualization of Sonic Jets Exhausting Counter to a Supersonic Free Stream Using Laser Induced Fluorescence Method.
8 1988.12 Utilization of Laser Technology in Space.
T. Abe Preface
T. Abe and T. Shimada Laser-Assisted Propulsion System Experiment on Space Flyer Unit.
K. Maeno, H. Aoyama, A. Sakashita and Y. Hanaoka Investigations of Advanced CO2 Supersonic Mixing Laser and Propulsion by Laser Absorption.
C. Yamabe, K. Nakamura, H. Homma, M. Yamauchi, T. Okamoto, H. Ishihara, T. Nakamura, S. Takagi and K. Horii Power Transmission by Using Laser Beams.


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