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3 1985.3 Proceedings of the Symposium on Mechanics for Space Flight.
K. Oshima Preface
Y. Oshima Interactions of Vortices.
K. Tsuboi and K. Oshima Numerical Study of Two-dimensional Vortex Street.
S. Kawabara Vorton Model Analysis.
N. Izutsu and H. Kanda Numerical Simulation of Vortices Shed behind a Rotating Wing.
T. Matsuda Numerical Simulations in Cosmic Gas Dynamics - Gas Flow in Binary Stars -.
H. Yamada, T, Ao and T. Fujiwara Two-Dimensional Analysis of a Flow in MPD Thruster.
T. Soga A Kinetic Theory Analysis of Transient Evaporation Problem.
N. Ichikawa, M. Murakami and H. Nakai Application of Porous Solid Nitrogen to Space Borne Cooling Missions.
T. Matsumoto and Y. Kobayashi Effect of Non-condensable Gas on the Vapor Flow in Thermosyphons.
K. Kaneko and K. Negishi Heat Transfer Performances of a Thermosyphon Contained non-Condensable Gas (I).
Y. Ikeda Permeability of a Screen Wick.
Y. Ikeda, M. Kamata and A Shimizu Effect Thermal Conductivity of a Screen Wick.
H. Nakai, M. Murakami and N. Ichikawa Flow of He II through Porous-Plug Phase Separators.
M. Ishizuka, T. Sasaki and Y. Miyazaki Development of Titanium Heat Pipes for Use in Space.


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