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204 1983 Sachiko Tsuruta Some Recent Developments in Problems of Quasar Like Objects.
205 1983 Masaru Matsuoka Quasi-Periodic Oscillations in Galactic Bulge Sources Observed by HAKUCHO.
206 1983 Mikio Shimizu Primitive Gene and Primitive Enzyme.
207 1983 K.I. Oyama, K. Hirao, P.M. Banks, P.R. Williamson Nonthermal components of Low energy electrons (0.1-1 eV) in the ionospheric E and F region.
208 1983 Isao Shimamura Rotational Excitation of Molecules by Slow Electrons.
209 1983 Toshiaki Yokota, Susumu Sasaki, Nobuki Kawashima, Koichiro Oyama, Yutaka Nakai Observation of Daughter payload and tether wire by CCD Camera onboard S-520-2 Rocket.
210 1983 A. Nishida Reconnection in the Jovian Magnetosphere.
211 1983 Yasuyuki Yagi, Nobuki Kawashima Merging of the two current -carrying plasma columns -Microscopic behavior.
212 1983 Koichi Oshima Heat Pipe Research and Development in Japan.
213 1983 W. Tanaka, T. Onaka, M. Sawamura, T. Watanabe, K. Kodaira and K. Nishi Absolute Photometry of the Southern Orion Region in the Vacuum Ultraviolet Ƀ1300-2000.
214 1983 M. Hoshino and A. Nishida Numerical Simulation of the Dayside Reconnection.
215 1983 M. Fujii, H. Inoue, et al X-Ray Astronomy Satellite "TENMA".
216 1983 S. Tsuneta, T. Takakura, N. Nitta, K. Ohki, K. Tanaka, K. Makishima, T. Murakami, M. Oda, Y. Ogawara, I. Kondo Hard X-Ray Imaging of the solar Flare on 1981 May 13 with the HINOTORI Spacecraft.
217 1983 Y. Kitamura, M. Shimuzu Oxygen Isotopic Anormaly and solar Nebular photochemistry.
218 1983 K. Tsuruda, H. Hayakawa, M. Nakamura A method of DC electric and magnetic field measurement in the ionosphere using time of flight technique of collimated charged particle beams.
219 1983 Mikio Shimuzu Origin of Chirality: A Structural Theory.
220 1983 Mikio Shimuzu Origin and Evolution of Heredity-Metabolism system.
221 1983 Kristian Schlegel, Koh-Ichiro Oyama, Kunio Hirao Quantitative explanation of some electron temperature profiles measured in situ in the high Latitude ionospheric E-region.
222 1983 K. Karashima, S. Kitama The Effect of Small Coaxial Blowing on Vortex-Breakdown of a Swirling Flow.
223 1983 Tetsuo Yamamoto On the Molecular Composition of a Cometary Nucleus.
224 1983 Hirobumi Saito Analysis on MPD Plasma Propagation in SEPAC Experiment.
225 1983 Takashi Abe, Sinobu Machida Production of High-energy Electron due to Counterstreaming Ion Beams in an External Magnetic Field.
226 1983 Takashi Abe Theory for the Critical Velocity Ionization Phenomenon.
227 1983 Takashi Abe Coherent Structure Formation by Inverse Cascade Process in Turbulent Mixing Layer.
228 1983 Osamu Inoue Vortex Simulation of Turbulent Mixing Layer.
229 1983 Koichi Oshima (ed.) Heat Pipe Research and Development in Japan II.
230 1983 M. Katoh, T. Murakami, J. Nishimura, T. Yamagami, M. Fujii and M. Itoh Observation of a Cosmic Gamma-Ray Burst on HAKUCHO.
231 1983 Nobuki Kawashima Highlights of the Electron Bean Experiments in Space in Japan.
232 1983 T. Murakami, et al. Discovery of Two New X-Ray Burst Sources XB1812-12 in Serpens and XB1940-04 in Aquila.
233 1983 Y. Tanaka Early Results from the X-Ray Astronomy Satellite "TENMA".
234 1983 M. Oda, et al. Contributions of "Summer workshop in Astronomy and Astrophysics, Santa Cruz."
235 1983 Y. Tawara, T. Kii, S. Hayakawa, H. Kunieda, K. Masai, F. Nagase, H. Inoue, K. Koyama, F. Makino, K. Makishima, M. Matsuoka, T. Murakami, M. Oda, Y. Ogawara, T. Ohashi, N. Shibazaki, Y. Tanaka S. Miyamoto, H. Tsunemi, K. Yamashita and I. Kondo A Very Long X-ray Burst with Precursor from XB 1715-321.
236 1983 Yoshimi Kitamura, Osamu Ashihara and Tetsuo Yamamoto A Model for the Hydrogen Coma of a Comet.
237 1983 S. Hayakawa, et al. Contributions to COSPAR/IAU Symposium on Advances in High Energy Astrophysics and Cosmology.
238 1983 W. Miyake and T. Mukai Numerical Calculations for Transmission Characteristics of a Spherical 270Section Electrostatic Analyzer on board PLANET-A.
239 1983 S. Tsuneta, T. Takakura, N. Nitta, K. Ohki, K. Tanaka, K. Makishima, T. Murakami, M. Oda, Y. Ogawara, I. Kondo Hard X-Ray Observations of Solar Flares Recent Results from HINOTORI Spacecraft.
240 1983 Y. Tanaka Recent Results on Galactic X-Ray Sources.
241 1983 K. Makishima X-Ray Observations with the satellite TENMA.
242 1983 Saku. Tsuneta Hard X-Ray Imaging Observations of Two X-class Hot Thermal Flares with the HINOTORI Spacecraft.
243 1983 A. Nishida Reconnection in Earth's Magnetotail: An Overview.
244 1983 T. Onaka et al. Rocket Observations of the Orion Reflection Nebulosity in 130-200 nm and Scattering Properties of Dust Grains in the Far-Ultraviolet.
245 1983 Y. Maejima et al. Short-Tern X-Ray Variability of GX399-4.

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