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4 1986.3 Proceedings of the Symposium on Mechanics for Space Flight.
K. Oshima Preface
R. Takaki and A.K.M.F. Hussain Theoretical Study of Strong Interaction of Vortex Filaments.
S. Kawabara Studies on Vortex Motion Based on the Dividing Vortex Model.
H. Nakajima and Y. Yoshizawa A Description of a Turbulent Flow Past a Circular Cylinder by Discrete Vortex Method.
T. Kambe, T. Minota and Y. Ikushima Acoustic Waves Emitted by Vortex-Body Interaction.
Y. Ishii and Y. Oshima Study of Three-Dimensional Separation on a Spheroid at Incidence.
N. Nishikawa, A. Suzuki and S Akiyama Images of Three Dimensional Flows in Computer Graphics.
M. Katagiri On Accurate Numerical Solution of Falkner-Skan Equation.
H. Kanda Numerical Study of Entrance Flow of a Circular Pipes.
K. Teshima and H. Nakatsuji Numerical Simulation on Two-Dimensional Freejet Flow-Fields.
Y. Sakurai and H. Kimura Technical Overview of Plume Radiation from a Solid Rocket Motor.
H. Kuninaka and K. Kuriki Two-Dimensional Analysis of High Voltage Solar Array Interfering with Ionospheric Plasma.
K. Etori Analysis on Gravitational Effect to Nonlinear Diffusion System of Vapor Molecules in a Heat Pipe.
M. Kamata and Y. Ikeda Effect of Surplus Standing Liquid on Heat Transfer Resistance in the Heat Pipe (with Mesh Wick in a Horizontal Mode).
K. Nigishi, K. Kaneko and F. Kusumoto Dynamic Heat Transfer Mechanism of Two-phase Closed Thermosyphon.
Y. Tanaka and T. Yamamoto A Trial on Performance Test Method for Cu-Water Heat Pipe.
Y. Miyazaki and Y. Ido High Capacity Heat Pipe with Axial Grooves.
K. Oka, H. Tsuchihashi, Y. Nishimura, T. Mohtai, M. Mochizuki, K. Mashiko and H. Yamanouchi Operating Characteristics of Cooling Underground Power Cables Using Up-Sloped Long Heat Pipes in Conduit.
K. Oshima Report on International Symposium on Computational Fluid Dynamics - Tokyo.
Chushkin, P.I. And Voskresensky, G.P. Computational Aerodynamics of Supersonic Lifting Vehicles.
Kovenya, V.M., Tarnavsky, G.P. and Cherny, S.G. Numerical Modeling of Spatial Flows on the Basis of Splitting Up Method.
Tolstykh, A.I. Third Order Compact Schemes for Fluid Dynamics Problems.
Voskresensky, G.P. Supersonic Flow Around Tip Sides of Wings.
Dobrowolski, B. and Kabza, Z. An Improved PSI-Cell Method for Turbulent Multi-Phase Flows.
Zapryanov, A. and Toshev, E. Hydrodynamic and Thermal Interaction Between Two Spheres in a Steady Viscous Flow.
Brushlinsky, K.V. Mathematical and Computational Models of Plasma Flows.
Zhurin, V.V. and Shpiolin, A.V. The Numerical Method of the Two-Dimensional Stationary Electro-Gasdynamic Internal Flows Computation.
Samarskii, A.A., Gerasimov, B.P., Elizarova, T.G., Kalachiskaya, I.S., Karagichev, A.B.,Lesunovsky, A.V. and Semushin, S.A. Computer Simulation in Engineering Hydrodynamics.


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