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2 1984.3 Proceedings of the Symposium on Mechanics for Space Flight.
K. Oshima Preface
H. Honma, M. Wada and K. Inomata Random-Choice Solutions for Two-Dimensional and Axisymmetric Supersonic Flows.
S. Kuwabara Numerical Analysis of the Burst in the Turbulent Boundary Layer, Based on the Three-Dimensional Vortex Model.
K. Fujii Elliptic Grid Generation for Three-Dimensional Geometries.
N. Izutsu and Y. Oshima Numerical Simulation of Autorotation.
M. Nishida and H. Kobayashi Frets of Rotationally Relaxing Diatomic Gases.
K. Teshima Visualization for a Free Jet by a Laser Induced Fluocescence Method and its Structure.
K. Etori Remarks on Thermal Analysis of Thin 4He Films in Superfluid Heat Pipe.
K. Negishi A Blowup Phenomenon of the Working Fluid in Two-phase Closed Thermosyphon.
A. Shimizu and S. Yamazaki An Experimental Study of Helical Guide-Type Rotating Heat Pipe.
M. Oshiro, S. Takasu, M. Kurihara, K. Taneda, T. Nakamoto and H. Nakayama The Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger with Controllable Heat Exchanging Area.
I. Honda, A. Suzuki, Y, Abe and S. Sugihara Experimental Study of the Naphtaline Heat Pipe.
M. Takaoka, M. Mohtai, M. Mochizuki and K. Mashiko Research and Development of Long Heat Pipes and Their Applications.
H. Takagi, M. Mortai and K. Kojima Study of Latent Heat Storage system Used Heat Pipes for Cooling Underground Cables.


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