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300Mbps Down Link from 50 kg small satellite in 2013 
Program for World-Leading Innovative R&D on Science and Technology by CSTP “Reimei” Satellite Launched in 2005

LinkIconSmall Scientific Satellite “REIMEI” and Prospects for Small Earth Observation Satellite



We have developed miniature space GPS receivers (photo) for REIMEI satellite based upon commercial GPS receivers for automobile navigation. At present we are developing GPS receivers for rockets which change their attitude rapidly. We apply antenna diversity technology for rocket to track the GPS signal continuously.
We test newly developed GPS receivers at JAXA sounding rockets every year. They plan to be applied to JAXA H2A rocket and Epsilon rocket.



At present earth observation from small satellite is carried out mainly by optical cameras. In future, however, it is desired that earth surfaces are monitored by small satellites with microwave that is effective even at night and harsh weather. For example a promising method is the bistatic synthetic aperture radar in which small satellites share the roles of transmitting and receiving. As the first step we measure polarimetric characteristics of the GPS signal reflected on ground in order to sense soil moistures and covered vegetations.


 High spinning (-3Hz) rockets require rocket GPS receivers with antenna diversity.
 Conventional PLL (phase lock loop) could not converge in short time.
 New algorithm of GPS data (DPSK) decoding with frequency estimation.
 Would be applied to JAXA H2A/ε rockets.

In addition to above-mentioned researches related to small satellite, we perform the researches on fiber optical gyroscopes for small satellites, SOI ( silicon on insulator ) devices which is robust to space radiation, and on-board lithium-ion batteries and their power control.