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829 2008 Kosuke Sato X-ray Study of Temperature and Metallicity in Groups and Clusters of Galaxies with Suzaku
830 2008 Nobuyuki IIZUKA, Kozo FUJII Study of Mach Number Effect on the Dynamic Stability of a Blunt Re-entry Capsule
831 2008 AKIKO YASUDA Far-Infrared Spectroscopic Observations of the Galactic Center with ISO and AKARI
832 2008 上塚貴史 テラヘルツ帯観測に向けた次世代気球望遠鏡の開発
833 2008 Hiroyuki Nakajima, Toru SHIMADA, Katsumi HIRAOKA Study on Grating Nozzle Rocket
834 2008 丹下 勉 あかり衛星による近赤外宇宙背景放射の観測的研究
835 2008 Shunsaku Okada An Observational Study on the Nature of the Boundary Layer Plasma in the Non-Magnetic Cataclysmic Variable SS Cygni
836 2008 Hirohiko Inoue The Structure of X-ray Emission Regions in Seyfert 1 Galaxies
837 2008 Ken-ichi Tamura Suzaku Investigation of Hard X-ray Emission Associated with the Galactic Center Region
838 2008 Satoru Katsuda X-Ray Studies of Evolved Supernova Remnants
839 2008 Noriaki Tawa Temperature and Metallicity Profiles of Galaxy Clusters -Background Study for X-ray CCD Camera onboard the Suzaku Satellite-
840 2008 Taku Nonomura, Kozo Fujii Characteristics of Acoustic Waves Generated by Flow Instability of Supersonic Jets

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