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525 1993 BICE Group Contributions to the 3rd Annual October Astrophysics Conference in Maryland: "BACK TO THE GALAXY".
525-1 1993 T. Nakagawa, Y. Doi, K. Mochizuki, Y.Y. Yui, H. Okuda, M. Yui, H. Shibai, T. Nishimura and F.J. Low Far-Infrared [C II] Line Survey of The Galaxy.
525-2 1993 Y. Doi, T. Nakagawa, Y.Y. Yui, H. Okuda, H. Shibai, T. Nishimura and F.J. Low Clumpy Structure of Interstellar Clouds in The Cygnus-X Region.
526 1993 T. Itikawa Electron Collisions with N2, O2, and O: What We Do and Do Not Know.
527 1993 H. Asahara, K. Tamura, N. Nameki, H. Himeno, T. Hasegawa and M. Shimizu Recognition Nucleotides of Escherichia coli tRNA Leu and Its Elements Facilitating Discrimination from tRNA Ser and tRNA Tyr.
528 1993 T. Tsuru X-ray Study of Hot Diffuse Matter in Galaxies and Poor Clusters of Galaxies.
529 1993 M. Ishida, K. Makishima, K. Mukai and K. Masai Detection of the Iron K Emission Line and an Excessive Soft X-Ray Emission from EX Hya.
530 1993 K. Yoshida, K. Mitsuda, K. Ebisawa, Y. Ueda, R. Fujimoto, T. Yaqoob and C. Done Low State Properties of the Low-Mass X-Ray Binary X1608-522 Observed with Ginga.
531 1993 K. Yoshida Study of the Dipping X-Ray Binary X1916-05 Observed with Ginga.
532 1993 W.J. Raitt, J. Ernstmeyer, N.B. Myers, A.B. White, S. Sasaki, K.-I. Oyama, N. Kawashima, A.C. Fraser-Smith, B.E. Gilchrist and T.J. Hallinan CHARGE-2B: A Sounding Rocket experiment to study the generation and Propagation of VLF waves by a modulated electron beam.
533 1993 K.-I. Oyama Verification of IRI Plasma Temperature at Great Altitude by Satellite Date.
534 1993 K.-I. Oyama, M.A. Abdu, A. Piel and H. Thiemann Electron Heating Associated with the sq Current Focus.
535 1993 V. Rohde, A. Piel, H. Thiemann and K.-I. Oyama In Situ Diagnostics of Ionospheric Plasma with the resonance Cone Technique.
536 1993 K.-I. Oyama, M.A. Abdu, T. Takahashi, E.R. de Paula, I.S. Batista, S. Watanabe and H. Oya An Electron Temperature Anomaly in the Equatorial Ionosphere.
537 1993 N. Kawashima Lessons Learned from SEPAC (Space Experiment with Particle Accelerators).
538 1993 Y.Y. Yui, T. Nakagawa, Y. Doi, H. Okuda, H. Shibai, T. Nishimura and F.J. Low A [C II] 158m Line Map of the e Ophiuchi Cloud.
539 1993 H. Koike, A. Takama and M. Asashima Fertilization and embryonic development of Xenopus eggs under simulated microgravity in a clinostat.
540 1993 H. Inoue Ginga Observations of Active Galactic Nuclei.
541 1993 Y. Ueda, K. Ebisawa and C. Done Spectral Study of GX-339-4 in the Low Intensity State Observed with GINGA.
542 1993 S. Miyamoto, S. Kitamoto, S. Iga, K. Hayashida and K. Terada Normalized Power Spectrum Densities of Two X-ray Components from GS1124-683.
543 1993 C.-S. Choi Study of the Binary X-Ray Pulsar Her X-1 Observed with Ginga.

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