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464 1991 H. Inoue, K. Hayashida, M. Itoh, H. Kondo, K. Mitsuda, T. Takeshima, K. Yoshida and Y. Tanaka X-Ray Observation of SN1987A from Ginga.
465 1991 S. Miyamoto, K. Kimura, S. Kitamoto, T. Dotani and K. Ebisawa X-Ray Variability of GX339-4 in its Very High State.
466 1991 K. Hayashida Fluctuations in the Cosmic X-Ray Background and their Relation to Active Galactic Nuclei.
467 1991 H. Inoue Cosmic X-Ray Background.
468 1991 T. Yamamoto Chemical Composition of Dust Expected from Condensation Models.
469 1991 H. Inoue X-rays from Galactic Black Hole Candidates and Active Galactic Nuclei.
470 1991 A. Yoshida, T. Murakami, J. Nishimura, I. Kondo and E.E. Fenimore Cyclotron Lines Observed with Ginga
470 1991 T. Murakami, H. Inoue, J.v. Padadijs, E.E. Fenimore and A. Yoshida Soft X-Ray Observations of GTBs with Ginga.
471 1991 Y. Tanaka, F. Nagase, K. Koyama, H. Kunieda, et al. Contributions to the Workshop on Iron Line Diagnostics in X-Ray Sources (Varenna Italy, October 9-11, 1990).
472 1991 T. Mihara, T. Ohashi, K. Makishima, F. Nagase, S. Kitamoto and K. Koyama X-Ray Spectrum of Hercules X-1 in the Low State of the 35-Day Cycle.
473 1991 H. Awaki X-Ray Study of Seyfert Galaxies, and the Unified Theory.
474 1991 S. Yamauchi X-Ray Studies of Optically Thin Hot Plasma in the Milky way Galaxy.
475 1991 S. Nakazaki and Y. Itikawa Convergence of the Partial-wave Expansion in the Calculation of the Differential Cross Section for the Electron Impact Excitation of Hydrogenlike Ions.
476 1991 F. Nagase, T. Dotani, Y. Tanaka, K. Makishima, T. Mihara, T. Sakao, H. Tsunemi, S. Kitamoto, K. Tamura, A. Yoshida and H. Nakamura Cyclotron Line Features in the Spectrum of the Transient X-Ray Pulsar X0115+634.
477 1991 Y. Kamata, Y. Tawara and K. Koyama Discovery of Periodic Eclipses in the X-Ray Pulsar 1H0253+193.
478 1991 Y. Tanaka Space Science and International Collaboration.
479 1991 Y. Tanaka Recent Results from Ginga on X-Ray Binaries: Selected Topics.
480 1991 K. Tamura, H. Himeno, H. Asahara, T. Hasegawa and M. Shimizu Identity Determinants of E. Coli tRNA val.
481 1991 K. Mizutani, T. Maihara, H. Matsuhara, T. Nakagawa, H. Shibai, H. Okuda, Y. Kobayashi, N. Hiromoto, T. Nishimura and Frank J. Low [C II] 158 m and [O1]63m Observations of the Galactic Center Region.
482 1991 H. Inoue, K. Makishima, F. Nagase, K. Koyama, T. Murakami Contributions to SENS'90 U.S. -JAPAN Joint Seminar on the Structure and Evolution of Neutron Stars, November 6-10, 1990, Kyoto.
483 1991 K. Ebisawa Spectral Study of Black Hole Candidates Observed with Ginga.
484 1991 Y. Ogasaka, T. Murakami, J. Nishimura, A. Yoshida and E.E. Fenimore V/V Max Test Applied to Ginga GRB Data.
485 1991 T. Takeshima, T. Dotani, K. Mitsuda and F. Nagase Quasi-Periodic Oscillations in the X-Ray Flux form Cen X-3 Observed with Ginga.
486 1991 John E. Deeter, Paul E. Boynton, S. Miyamoto, S. Kitamoto, F. Nagase and N. Kawai Decrease in the Orbital Period of Hercules X-1.
487 1991 S. Kitamoto, S. Mizobuchi, K. Yamashita and H. Nakamura Time Variations in the X-Rays from Cygnus X-3 Observed with Ginga.
488 1991 K. Koyama and H. Awaki Ginga Results of X-Ray Spectra from Galactic and Extragalactic Compact Objects.
489 1991 K. Tamura, H. Asahara, H. Himeno, T. Hasegawa and M. Shimizu Identity Elements of E. colitRNA Ala.
490 1991 K. Tamura, H. Tsunemi, S. Kitamoto, K. Hayashida and F. Nagase The X-Ray Outburst from X0115+634 in February, 1990.
491 1991 Bill C. Lai and S. Sasaki Solar Power Satellite 2000: Deployment Transportation Analysis.
492 1991 H. Himeno, T. Hasegawa, H. Asahara, K. Tamura and M. Shimuzu Indentity Determinants of E. Coli tryptophan tRNA.
493 1991 S. Kitamoto, H. Tsunemi and Diane Roussel-Dupre X-Ray Spectrum and Time Variation of X1850-087 in the Globular Cluster NGC6712.
494 1991 H. Kondo An Unbiased Survey of Faint X-Ray Sources with the Ginga Satellite.
495 1991 K. Yoshida, H. Inoue and Y. Osaki Ginga Observation of SS Cygni.
496 1991 S. Mineshige, K. Ebisawa, M. Takizawa, Y. Tanaka, K. Hayashida, S. Kitamoto, S. Miyamoto and K. Terada On the X-Ray Luminosities of Quiescent X-Ray Novae: GS2000+25 and GS2023+338.
497 1991 M. Kohno and Y. Morita Historical Review on the Mu Attitude Control Systems.

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