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490 1973.3 Kyoichi Kuriki and Masaaki Inutake Current Extension from a Quasi-Steady MPD Arcjet.
491 1973.5 Yoshiharu Nakamura, Masaharu Nakamura and Tomizo Itoh Reception Characteristics of Monopole Antennas for Electron Plasma Waves.
492 1973.5 Hajime Hatano, Ryo Horiuchi and Noboru Niwa Fundamental Research on Stress-Wave-Emission Method for Pressure Vessels.
493 1973.5 Yasushi Ishii and Masahiro Ishida An Application of Cross-Spectral Analysis to the Measurement of Contribution of Noise Sources.
494 1973.6 Masahide Murakami and Koichi Oshima An Exact Solution on the Propagation of small Disturbances in a Radiating Grey Gas with Isotropic Scattering.
495 1973.7 Masaki Ejiri, Hiroshi Oya, Takehiko Aso, Kozo Morita, Shinji Urimoto, Hiroyuki Yamaki The Gyro-Plasma Probe onboard the REXS-DENPA Satellite (Technical Report of IPS Research Group).
496 1973.7 Takashi Tanaka and Kunio Hirao Numerical Modeling of the Upper Atmosphere.
497 1973.7 Atsuhiro Nishida Neutral Line in the Magnetotail
498 1973.7 Masahiro Kurosaki A Study of Supersonic Conical Flow.
499 1973.9 Yoichi Hirano Hydrodynamic Impact of Flexible Spherical Shells.
500 1973.11 L.F. Henderson On the Theory of Human Crowd Flow.
501 1973.11 Keiichi Karashima and Kiyoshi Hasegawa An Approximate Approach to Base Flow Behind Two-Dimensional Rearward-Facing Steps Placed in a Uniform Supersonic Stream.
502 1973.12 Shunichi Tsuge A Kinetic Theory of Turbulence I. On the Hypotheses of Molecular Chaos at Three- and Four-Particle Levels.
503 1973.12 Yoji Hanamura Flutter of Cascading Blade Row 2nd Report: Experiment of Aerodynamic Damping of Cascading Circular-arc Blade Row.

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