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459 1971.2 Yoji Hanamura Flutter of Cascading Blade row 1st report: Analysis of flexure-torsion flutter of cascading circular-arc blade row.
460 1971.3 Hirotoshi Kubota An Aerodynamic Study of Hypersonic Heat Shielding Problem with Local Mass Injection at Multiple Stations.
461 1971.3 Koryo Miura and Masamori Sakamaki Discontinuity in Buckle Pattern Tessellation of Cylindrical Shells of Variable Curvature.
462 1971.5 Fujihiko Sakao and Hiroshi Sato Equilibrium and Nonequilibrium Electrical Conductivity of a Potassium-Speeded Argon Plasma
463 1971.5 Masahide Murakami Direct Monte Carlo Simulation of Two-Dimensional Radiative Heat Transfer in the Absorbing-Emitting Medium Bounded by the Nonisothermal Gray Walls.
464 1971.6 Nobuki Kawashima and Nobuyoshi Ohyabu Neutral Point Discharge as Simulation Experiment of Solar and Terrestrial Plasmas.
465 1971.6 Daikichirou Mori, Yoshio Ando, Kazuhisa Suzuki and Akira Nakano Development of 18% Nickel Maraging Steel Rocket Motor Cases.
466 1971.6 Nobuharu Aoshima Measurement of Structural Vibrations excited by Random Force.
467 1971.7 Kazuo Takayanagi Rotational Relaxation of HD.
468 1971.10 Koichi Oshima An Experimental Critique to the Thermal Nodal Analysis.
469 1971.10 Fumio Tamaki, Motoki Hinada and Masahiro Kurosaki An Application of the Method of Series Truncation to the Conical Flow Problem.
470 1971.10 Hisako Shimamura and Kazuo Takayanagi Rotational Transitions in Para-Hydrogen by Molecular Collisions.
471 1971.10 Kunizo Onda Electronic Polarization of Atoms in Charged-Particle Impact.
472 1971.11 Akira Nakano Application of Transfer Matrix Method to the Structural Dynamics of Rocket Vehicles.
473 1971.12 Michitoshi Takagi Monte Carlo Calculation of Hypersonic Rarefied Gas Flows past Two-Dimensional and Axisymmetric Bodies.
474 1971.12 Tadayoshi Doke and Katsuaki Nagata Satellite-Borne dE/dx· E Semiconductor Detector Telescope for Isotope Identification in Heavy Primary Cosmic Ray Particles of Mass Number 7 M 56.

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