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204 1941 Keikichi Tanaka, Osamu Tamura and Osamu Konisi Numerical calculation of power variation with altutitude in a naturally aspirated engine by means of J.S. Diagrams.
205 1941 Susumu Tomotika and Hazimu Umemoto On the Subsonic Flow of a Compressible Fluid past a SymmetricalJoukowski Aerofoil.
206 1941 Juichi Obata, Yahei Yosida and Yasuo Makita The Vibration and Sound of a Revolving Thin Plate. (Acoustical Studies of Airscrew Flutter.)(Part III.)
207 1941 Syuiti Kiuti On the Mature of a Satellite in the X-ray Pattern of α-Crystals, and the Differentiation of a new Phase α by the surface-Recrystallization Method in Certain Ternary Alloys (I). (Part I.) 
208 1941 Tetusi Okamoto The Characteristics of the Aerofoil with Discontinuities along the Span, with special Reference to the Effects of Cut-Out.
209 1941 Syuiti Kiuti An X-ray Study on the Mechanism of the Splitting Phenomenon of a-Crystals in the Interiors of Some Ternary Alloys. (Part I.)
210 1941 軽合金抵抗溶接研究会 軽合金の抵抗溶接に就いて (Resistance Welding of Light Alloys.)
211 1941 佐々木達治郎 平板上の乱流限界層に就いて (On the Theory of Turbulent Boundary Layer on a Flat Plate.)
212 1941 田中敬吉・大日野豊明 V型発動機の曲軸の戻り振動とプロペラ曲げ振動との聯立に依る系の固有振動数の算定 (The coupling of the propeller blade bending vibration with the crankshaft vibration of a V type engine.)
213 1941 Ikuo Utica and Katsutada Sezawa Theory of the Vibration of a Body under Forces of Varying Periods.
214 1941 川田三治・藤井正一 高速流中に於ける翼型の抵抗 (On the Resistance of Aerofoil at High Speed Accompanying the Shock Wave.)
215 1941 和田小六 非圧縮性流体中に於ける平板の境界層に就いて (The Boundary Layer of Flat Plate in an Incompressible Fluid.)
216 1941 Isao Imai On the Subsonic Flow of a Compressible Fluid past a General JOUKOWSKI profile.
217 1941 抜山大三・秋篠雄三・遠藤博 着氷現象について(一) (On the Phenomena of Ice Formation.)
218 1941 吉村慶丸 内圧を受ける圓筒殻の圓框上の鋲の潮力 (On the Reaction between a Pressurized Circular Cylindrical Shell and its Frame.)
219 1941 吉村慶丸 周辺に於いて任意に拘束され一様に加圧される圓板について (On the Circular Plate under Uniform Pressure Constrained Arbitrarily at the Boundary.)
220 1941 中西不二夫 弁ばねに振動を誘起しないカム形に就いて (On Cam Forms which induce no Surging in Valve Springs.)
221 1941 西脇仁一 冷却器の装備法(第1報) On the Characteristics of the Radiator System.)(Part I.)
222 1941 石田四郎・川崎正之 冷間加工後の金属及び合金の低温焼鈍に関する研究(第1報) (Research on the Low-Temperature Annealing of Cold-Worked Metals and Alloys. (1st Report.))


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