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172 1939 Sandi Kawada Calculation of Induced Velocity by Helical Vortices and Its Application to Propeller Theory.
173 1939 T. Sasaki and K. Hattori On the Effect of the Density of the Air upon the Pitot-static Tube Coefficient.
174 1939 Masaharu Goto and Hirosi Tanaka Some Studies on Wire-Drawing.
175 1939 –Ø‘šG­E‚ŒŽ—ī’j q‹óŒĪ‹†Š’·‹——Ģ‹@‚ĖŠî–{q‘ąŦ”\ŽĀ‘ŠŒ‹‰Ę@(Flight Tests on the Range of the Koken Long-Range Monoplane.)
176 1939 ”ēŽR‘åŽOE“üāVŒõMEŽ—Ņ‘ūŽO˜Y •ûŒü’T’mŠí‚ɂ‚Ē‚ā@(On Direction Finder.)
177 1939 Umejiro Yosida On the Sodium Line Reversal Method of Determining the Temperature in a Gasoline Engine.
178 1939 ”ēŽR‘åŽO ’PƒŒõŽĘ^‚ɏA‚Ē‚ā@(On the Simple-Chromatic Photograph.)
179 1939 Juichi Obata, Yahei Yosida and Umeziro Yosida Measurement of Pressure-Variations in the Neigh-bourhood of the Airscrew Blade. (experiments with Actual Airscrew.)
180 1939 Susumu Tomotika and Isao Imai On the Velocity Distribution in Turbulent Flow through a Straight Pipe of Annular Cross-section.
181 1939 Katsutada Sezawa and Ikuo Utida On the Frequency of Flexural Vibrations of a Rotating Propeller Blade.
182 1939 Susumu Tomotika ,Ko Tamada and Yukimasa Saito Note on the effect of Boundary Walls of a Stream upon the Circulation round a Plane Aerofoil.
183 1939 Isao Imai On the Deformation of Free Boundary due to Line Vortices.
184 1939 ”ēŽR‘åŽOEŽO‘q“ņ˜YEHŽÂ—YŽO —â‹pŠí‚ĖŒĪ‹†iˆęj@(Uber Radiator (I).)
185 1939 Susumu Tomotika and Hazimu Umemoto The Forces on a Plane Aerofoil in a Wind Tunnel of the Gottingen Type, with special Reference to Approximate Formula for the Lift.
186 1939 Syuiti Kiuti A Singular Transformation on the Surface Part of the Fe-Ni-Al System.


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Home Report, Aeronautical Research Institute, Tokyo Imperial University