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160 1938 Katsutada Sezawa and Wataru Watanabe Coupled Wind-Fuselage Vibrations.
161 1938 石田四郎・麻田宏・東村三郎 タングステンの耐酸化性に及ぼすクロムの影響に就いて (On the Influence of Chromium upon the Oxidizing Property of Tungsten at High Temperatures.)
162 1938 Bunnosuke Yamaguchi Chemical Structure and Viscosity Characteristics of Lubricating Oils.
163 1938 佐藤孝二・久保啓一 共鳴器の音場に及ぼす影響に就いて (on the Influence of resonator upon the Sound Field.)
164 1938 西村雄太郎・小橋豊 Broca-tubeに依る水柱内の定常波測定に就いて (On the Standing Wave in a Water Column Measured by a Broca-Tube.)
165 1938 佐藤孝二・小橋豊 舶用推進器の唸音の発生機構に就いて (On the Mechanism of Emitting Singing Sounds from Revolving Marine Propellers.)
166 1938 木村秀政 航空研究所長距離機性能計算書 (Performance Calculations on the Koken Long-Range Monoplane.)
167 1938 Susumu Tomotika and Isao Imai On the Transition from Laminar to Turbulent Flow in the Boundary Layer of a Sphere.
168 1938 Katsutada Sezawa and Masami Murakami Buckling of a Cage-form Cylinder under Axial Compression.
169 1938 木村秀政 飛行機の離陸性能測定結果の修正及び其の応用 (On the Corrections to the Measured Take Off Run.)
170 1938 Susumu Tomotika The Moment of the Fluid Pressure acting on a Flat Plate in  Stream between Two Parallel Walls and Some Allied Problems.
171 1938 Syuiti Kiuti A New Transformation in the Iron-Nickel-Aluminium System.


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