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379 1964.2 Hirotaro Kambe, Shoichi Igarashi, Ikuro Imanishi and Osamu Yamamoto A Gas-Flow Differential Thermal Analysis Apparatus for Studying Thermal Degradation of High Polymers.
380 1964.3 Kyoichi Kuriki An Experimental Study on a Plasma Flow Through a Magnetic Nozzle.
381 1964.3 Hirotaro Kambe, Itaru Mita and Yuko Shimura The Influence of the Distribution of the Composition on the Light Scattering of the Styrene-Acrylonitrile Copolymer.
382 1964.3 Masuji Uemura On the Finite Deformation Mode in the Nonlinear Snap Buckling (Snap Buckling of Curved Beams Having Small Curvature under External Pressure).
383 1964.3 Masuji Uemura On the Solution of Nonlinear Snap Buckling by the Progressive Approximation Method (Snap Buckling of Spherical Shell under Uniform External Pressure).
384 1964.3 Masuji Uemura A Method of Discussion of the Elastic Stability in Non-linear Snap Buckling (Snap Buckling of Circular Plates due to Rapid Heating or Cooling).
385 1964.3 Bunji Tomita On the Dynamic Stability of Rockets.
386 1964.3 Koichi Oshima Quasisimilar Solution of Blast Waves.
387 1964.3 Eiji Niki, Shiro Kohata and Kiyohiko Tatsuzawa Sintering and Some Properties of Iron-Bonded Titanium Carbides.
388 1964.3 Hidenori Hasimoto Boundary Layer Growth on a Flat Plane in the Presence of a Transverse Magnetic Field.
389 1964.3 Kozo Kawata, Shinji Fukui and Jiro Seino Analysis of the Plastic Wave Propagation in High Velocity Tension of a Bar of Finite Length - (1. Rigid-Linearly Work Hardening Material).
390 1964.3 Hiroki Honma and Hakuro Oguchi Chemical Nonequilibrium Boundary Layer Behind a Moving Shock Wave.
391 1964.3 Hiroshi Tsuji and Tadao Takeno Studies of High Frequency Combustion Oscillations in a Gaseous Propellant Rocket Motor.


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