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361 1961.2 Humio Naruse Approximate Solution of the Hypersonic Laminar Boundary Layer Equations with Heat Transfer and Arbitrary Pressure Gradient and Their Applications
362 1961.2 Yasuhiko Aihara Stability of the Compressible Boundary Layer along a Curved Wall under Gortler-Type Disturbances.
363 1961.3 Keiichi Karashima Instability of Shock Wave on Thin Airfoil High Subsonic Flow/
364 1961.4 Itiro Tani, Matsusaburo Iuchi and Hiroyuki Komoda Experimental Investigation of Flow Separation Associated with a Step or Groove.
365 1961.5 Hiroshi Tsuji Ignition and Flame Stabilization in the Laminar Boundary Layer on a Porous Flat Plate with Hot Gas Injection.
366 1961.6 Soji Tsuchiya Temperature Measurement by Modified Na Line Reversal Method.
367 1961.6 Itiro Tani Critical Survey of Published Theories on the Mechanism of Leading-Edge Stall.
368 1961.10 Keiichi Karashima Base Pressure on Two-Dimensional Blunt-Trailing Edge Wings at Supersonic Velocities.


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