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341 1959.3 Hakuro Oguchi Experimental Study on the Supersonic Flow Around Blunt-Nosed Bodies of Revolution.
342 1959.4 Ryuma Kawamura and Keiichi Karashima Experimental Investigation of Transonic Flow Past Two-Dimensional Biconvex Circular-Arc Airfoils at Small Angeles of Attack.
343 1959.5 Yoshimaru Yoshimura Meta-theory of Mechanics of Continua Subject to Deformation of Arbitrary Magnitudes.
344 1959.5 Toshisuke Miwa and Juichi Igarashi Fundamentals of Acoustical Silencers; (II) Determination of four terminal constants of acoustical elements.
345 1959.5 Hiroshi Tsuji A Contribution to the Energy Decay Law of Isotropic Turbulence in the Initial Period.
346 1959.7 Haruo Saito On the Aileron Buzz in the Transonic Flow.
347 1959.7 Ken Ikeda and Megumi Sunakawa The Stress Distribution in a Swept-back Box-beam under Torsional and Bending Loads.
348 1959.9 Yoshimaru Yoshimura Theory of Plasticity for Small and Finite Deformations Based on Legitimate Concept of Strain.
349 1959.11 Yoshimaru Yoshimura Hypothetical Theory of Anisotropy and the Bauschinger Effect due to Plastic Stain History.

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