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330 1958.6 Hakuro Oguchi First-Order Approach to a Strong Interaction Problem in Hypersonic Flow over an Insulated Flat Plate.
331 1958.6 Itiro Tani An Example of Unsteady Laminar Boundary Layer Flow.
332 1958.6 Shinji Fukui, Hirozo Yuri and Kiyota Yoshida Analysis for Deep-Drawing of Cylindrical Shell Based on Total Strain Theory and Some Formability Tests.
333 1958.6 Shinji Fukui, Kiyota Yoshida and Kunio Abe Deep Drawing of Cylindrical Shell According to the So-called Hydroform Method.
334 1958.8 Masuji Uemura On the Fracture or Metals.
335 1958.8 Michiru Yasuhara Simultaneous Effects of Pressure Gradient and Transverse Curvature on the Boundary Layer along Slender Bodies of Revolution.
336 1958.9 Kyoji Tachikawa The Magnetic Properties and Microstructure of High-C, High-Cr Magnet Steel.
337 1958.11 Hakuro Oguchi Hypersonic Flow Near the Forward Stagnation Point of a Blunt-Nosed Body of Revolution.
338 1958.11 Takashi Isobe and Teiji Nihei Automatic Plotting of Equipotential Lines.
339 1958.12 Junichi Igarashi and Masasuke Toyama Fundamentals of Acoustical Silencers; (I) Theory and experiment of acoustic low-pass filters.
340 1958.12 Takashi Isobe, Hiroshi Hatanaka and Ikuo Uchida Automatic Curve Followers Using Polarized Light Beam Chopper.

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