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661 1996.1 Boris V. Novozhilov, M. Kohno, H. Maruizumi and T. Shimada Solid Propellant Burning Rate Response Functions of Higher Orders
662 1996.3 Ho Sang Kwak and K. Kuwahara A VOF-FCT Method for Simulating Two-Phase Flows of Immiscible Fluids
663 1996.3 Ho Sang Kwak and K. Kuwahara Symmetric Baroclinic Instability of Modified Hadley-Cell Models
664 1996.3 M. Hinada, Y. Inatani, T. Yamada and K. Hiraki An Arc-Heated High Enthalpy Test Facility for Thermal Protection Studies
665 1996.3 Drago Matko, N. Yajima and M. Hinada Adaptive Balloon Azimuth Control using a Simple DC Motor Actuator
666 1997.2 K. Kuriki, M. Takei, N. Wakasugi and T. Yasaka Meteoroid and Space Debris Impact Investigations in SFU Post Flight Analysis Activities : Preliminary Results and Further Directions
667 1997.3 Ho Sang Kwak and K. Kuwahara Transient Cooling of an Enclosed Fluid through Its Maximum-Density Temperature
668 1997.3 Ho Sang Kwak and K. Kuwahara Thermal Convection of an Enclosed Fluid Responding to Time-Periodic External Excitations : Effects of g-jitters and wall temperature oscillation
669 1997.9 K. Fujita and T. Abe SPRADIAN, Structured Package for Radiation Analysis: Theory and Application
670 1997.9 S. Tsuda H. Aoki and T. Okumoto Nonholonomic Space Robot Path Planning for Spacecraft Attitude Stabilization and Control
671 1998.3 C. Koike and H. Shibai The Infrared Spectra of Candidate Materials for Celestial Dust by Laboratory Measurements
672 1999.3 T. Kawashima, K. Oyama and K. Suzuki A Measurement of Vibrational-Rotational Temperature and Density of Molecular Nitrogen in the Upper Atmosphere by Rocket-Borne Electron Beam Induced Luminescence
673 1999.3 T.T. Takeuchi, H. Hirashita, K. Ohta, T.T. Ishii and K. Yoshikawa Simulation of the IRIS Far-infrared Survey : A Guide for Infrared Galaxy Number Counts
674 1999.3 K. Kuwahara and Karl G. Roesner Shock Wave Development around Accelerated Bodies at Supersonic Mach Numbers Slightly Larger than One
675 1999.9 K.K. Mahajan and K. Oyama Venus Ionosphere: Major Features
676 2000.3 K. Suzuki, H. Himeki, T. Watanuki and T. Abe Experimental Studies on Characteristics of Shock Wave Propagation through Cylinder Array
677 2000.3 H. Shiraishi, S. Tanaka, M. Hayakawa, A. Fujimura and H. Mizutani Dynamical Characteristics of Planetary Penetrator: Effect of Incidence Angle and Attack Angle at Impact
678 2000.7 K. Noguchi, T. Imamura and K.-I. Oyama A Feasibility Study for Observing Small Lunar and Martian Ionospheres by Radio Occultation Technique.

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