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638 1991.3 N. Izutsu and Y. Oshima Hot Wire Measurement of Cross-linking and Unlinking in Uniting Two Circular Vortex Rings.
639 1991.2 H.L. Chen Numerical Study on Cut-and- Connect of Three-Dimensional Vortex Tubes.
640 1991.7 N. Kawashima Laser Interferometer (TENKO-10 and -100) for Gravitational Wave Antenna Development.
641 1991.6 K.S. Zalpuri and K.-I. Oyama Electron Temperatures in the E-Region of the Ionosphere.
642 1991.6 K.S. Zalpuri and K.-I. Oyama Theoretical Estimation of the Vibrational Temperatures of N2 Molecules in the Ionosphere and in the Laboratory Simulated Plasma.
643 1991.10 V. Shanugasumdaram Modael Interactions and Energy Transfers in Isotropic Turbulence as Predicted by the LET Theory.
644 1992.3 K. Takahashi, M. Yamaguchi, T. Takamoto, S. Ikegami, A. Ohnishi, T. Hayashi, A. Ushirokawa, M. Kohbata, H. Araki, K. Hashimoto, T. Orii, H. Okazaki, H. Takamura, M. Ura and M. Ohmori InP Solar Cells and their Flight Experiments.
645 1992.6 K. Onda, M. Hayashi and K. Takayanagi Monte Carlo Calculation of Ionization and Excitation Rates in Electron Aurora.
646 1992.6 T. Abe, K. Funabiki, H. Ariga and K. Hiraoka Effect of the Flow Non-uniformity on the Mixing Layer at the Interface of Parallel Supersonic Flows.
647 1992.9 L.A. Vainshtein and Y. Itikawa Cross Sections and Rate Coefficients for the Electron-impact Excitation of He-like Ions.
648 1992.12 K. Fujii Unified Zonal Method Based on the Fortified Solution Algorithm.
649 1992.10 R. Takahashi, J. Mizuno and N. Kawashima Arm Length Matching in 10m Delay-Line Interferometer.
650 1992.11 H. Shibai Observational Study of Large-Scale [C II] Emission by Balloon Borne Infrared Telescope (BIRT).
651 1993.7 A.M. Nakamura Laboratory Studies on the Velocity of Fragments from Impact Disruptions
652 1993.9 R. Akiba, K. Miura, M. Hinada, H. Matsumoto and N. Kaya ISY-METS Rocket Experiment
653 1994.11 T. Abe Anomalous Collision Rate in the Time Counter Scheme of the Direct Simulation Monte Carlo Method for Rarefied Gas Flow Analysis
654 1994.11 T. Abe Statistical Model for Molecular Internal Energy Exchange in DSMC Method for Rarefied Flow Analysis
655 1994.12 K. Suzuki and T. Abe Wind Tunnel Experiments on Wake Flow Field behind a Reentry Capsule from a Viewpoint of Parachute Deployment at Supersonic Speeds
656 1994.12 K. Suzuki and T. Abe Viscous Shock-Layer Analysis on Hypersonic Flow over Reentry Capsule with Nonequilibrium Chemistry
657 1995.1 Y. Itikawa, T. Kato and K. Sakimoto Rate Coefficients for the Electron-Impact Excitation, Ionization and Recombination of He-Like Ions, S XV, Ca XIX and Fe XXV, and Related Processes.
658 1995.3 K. Suzuki and T. Abe Transonic, Supersonic and Hypersonic Wind-Tunnel Tests on Aerodynamic Characteristics of Reentry Body with Blunted Cone Configuration
659 1995.3 K. Suzuki and T. Abe Experimental Studies on Boundary-Layer Transition on a Reentry Vehicle at Transonic and Supersonic Speeds
660 1995.9 T. Abe Controlling the Instability in Shear Layer

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