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619 1986.3 N. Izutsu Numerical and Experimental Study of Dynamics of Two-Dimensional Body in Uniform Fow.
620 1986.11 Motoki Hinada, Ryojiro Akiba, Teruo Kishi, Yasunori Matogawa and Shigeki Tsukamoto Destruction Test of Small Scaled Solid Propellant Motors.
621 1987.3 Yu Shaohua Adaptive Control of Large Space Structure (LSS).
622 1987.7 Y. Inatani On the Dynamic Behavior of Balloon during its Launch; Application of Panel Method and Extension to Unsteady Problem.
623 1987.10 Y. Inatani, K. Sato and K. Karashima High Speed and High Angle of Attack Wind Tunnel Test Results of the Winged Space Vehicle C-2.
624 1987.12 Y. Inatani High Speed and High Angle of Attack Aerodynamic Characteristics of Winged Space Vehicle.
625 1988.2 Y. Morita and Vinod J. Modi Dynamics of a Flexible Orbiting Platform with MRMS.
626 1988.3 H. Kanda Numerical Study of the Entrance Flow and its Transition in a Circular Pipe.
627 1988.3 Y. Koshioka A Numerical Simulation of Two-Dimensional Transient Shear Flow.
628 1988.3 H. Oguchi, M. Hatakeyama and O. Inoue Navier-Stokes Simulation of Shock-Tube Flows over a Wedge-Type Step by Finite Volume Method.
629 1988.6 T. Shimada A Numerical Simulation of Flows About Two-Dimensional Bodies of Parachute-like Configuration.
630 1988.7 K. Yonemoto and Yoshifumi Inatani Analytical Interpretation on Lateral /Directional Stability and Controllability of High Angle-of-Attack Reentry Flight.
631 1988.7 T. Abe Transport Coefficients in Direct Simulation Monte Carlo Method for Rarefied Gas Flow.
632 1988.7 Y. Nakamura and J. Chutia Reflection of Ion-Acoustic Waves from Bipolar Potential Structures.
633 1988.10 J. Onoda, N. Watanabe, K. Ichida, Y. Hashimoto, A. Nakada and H. Saito Two-Dimensionally Deployable "SHDF" Truss.
634 1988.10 S. Tsukamoto Development of a New Redundant Flight Safety System Using Inertial Sensors.
635 1989.2 S. Tsukamoto On the Simulation Test for the Relative Motion of Separated Sub-Boosters on M-3S II with Nearly Half a Model Vehicle ST-735 and their Motion Analyses Using Inertial Sensors Output.
636 1989.3 T. Abe, S. Sato, K. Nakajima, K. Toki and K. Kuriki Quasi-steady Operation of Repetitively-pulsed Laser Thruster.
637 1989.9 S. Kawamura, J. Mizuno, J. Hirao, N. Kawashima, R. Schilling 10m Prototype for the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Antenna.

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