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Web Data Citation Policy

The Hayabusa related images placed at this page and their related data and information (hereafter, ‘data’ in general) may be used for education, public media and other non-profitable activities without any specific permission. However, the following conditions shall apply:
  1. Any use shall assume that the copyright of any Hayabusa related data here belongs to JAXA.
  2. Citing any data here must be credited by ‘Courtesy of JAXA’ or some other way appropriately.
  3. JAXA does not guarantee that any data here has been correctly calibrated and at the same time JAXA retains the right of modifying and altering the data intentionally for its purpose.
  4. The use of any data here for publication to the scientific and academic media such as journals, papers and so on must be consulted with and permitted by JAXA in advance. JAXA never guarantees the correctness and accuracy of the data used without permission. All the scientific and academic publication right is subject to the ‘Hayabusa project’s Data Policy’ established.
  5. JAXA does not allow the data here to be used for commercial and profitable activities, which shall consult with JAXA in advance.
  6. JAXA never admits the data here to be used to help any kind of activity advanced by either a particular person or particular institutions, societies, unless JAXA has an advance agreement with the entity.
Any other inquiry as to the use of the data here shall communicate with the JAXA public relations office proffice@jaxa.jp or ISAS/JAXA public relations section kouhod@adm.isas.jaxa.jp .
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