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Professors look forward working with you at the cutting-edge of the space science.

There are 74 faculty staffs(As of May 1, 2024)in the Department of Space and Astronautical Science. Their research fields, guidance policies and messages to the students are given in the following pages so that you can refer to them for your application.

For scientific space exploration and observation, are utilized.
In this field, students learn and make researches on design and development of various space systems such as satellites, space exploration vehicles, space transportation vehicles, rockets, and balloons for scientific space exploration and observation. The research activities include definition of space missions, understanding space environments, designing orbits of space systems, and integration of space systems using various required space technologies from the viewpoints of space observation, exploration of the solar system, and utilization of space environments.

Space physics and chemistry are studied based on data of the deep space observations from the outer space using X-rays, infrared rays, and radio waves. The design of spacecraft for such missions and development of the onboard instruments, such as space telescopes as well as data analysis are also the main scope of this field.

The birth and evolution of the solar system are studied based on the data by direct observations of the solar-system objects such as sun, moon, planets, and asteroids as well as the magnetosphere using space exploration vehicles. The design of space vehicles for such missions and development of the payload instruments, as well as data analysis are also the main scope of this field.

Various space technologies supporting space explorations are studied in this field. Advanced technologies of materials, structures, machinery, heat and mass transfer, fluid dynamics are required for design of rockets, satellites and space vehicles, and for space explorations. Technologies of the telecommunication, control of the space systems, energy and space-related instrumentation and electronics are required for developments of sub-systems for space explorations.

Research fields and adviser

Students to apply for the admission of our department are recommended to consult with the potential advisers (in principle, professor or associate professor) in a preferred research field on the research plan after the entrance into our department.

Applicants are advised to make enough consideration to choose the prospective supervisor whose name needs to be written in the application form, as we will pay serious attention to it to assign the main supervisor (from the professors and associate professors, in principle) to the successful applicants.

Contact addresses of the advisers can be informed by the Student Affairs Section.