Outline of the Course

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Details are given in the SOKENDAI web page.

Degree granted by SOKENDAI and requirements

To obtain a degree, a student should enroll in the School of the Graduate University for 5 years or more (for 5-year course) or 3 years or more (for 3-years course), receive more than the required number of credits, receive required research guidance, pass dissertation review and examinations. The period in the school may be shorten if the student produces brilliant achievements.
A doctoral degree in "science", "engineering" or "academic" will be conferred.

Outline of the procedures

Standard grade Review etc.
D1 Admission
D2 Special Research on Space Science I (required: equivalent to master thesis*)
D4 Special Research on Space Science II (required: progress report of the thesis research)
D5 Preliminary Review
D5 Dissertation review and examinations
* SOKENDAI does not offer any master's program; therefore, in principle, no master's degree is awarded. However, students who have registered in the 5-year courses in Department of Space and Astronautical Science and who are permitted to withdraw from SOKENDAI and have satisfied all requirements may be awarded a master's degree.