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The Department of Space and Astronautical Science at SOKENDAI provides a unique and great environment for education/research. We establish an environment where energetic students can make rapid progress as researchers.

1. Learn at the cutting edge of space science

The JAXA Institute of Space and Astronautical Science (ISAS), which is an umbrella organization of the Department of Space Science, cooperates with universities and research institutes both in Japan and overseas to carry out cutting-edge space science missions. Graduate students studying at ISAS can get practical experience in space science such as fundamental technology development, equipment development, satellite operation, and data analysis and can gain an overview of space missions while conducting their research.
In addition, top-class researchers in Japan and overseas hold seminars every week or so and graduate students can participate freely and discuss with the experts.

2. Collaboration between science and engineering

At the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science, research is pursued in close cooperation between scientists who conduct research on astrophysics and exploration of solar-system mainly using flying object, and engineers who conduct development of spacecraft, vehicle, and observation technology and research utilizing space environments. Graduate students in the Department of Space Science can communicate with faculty and students both in science and engineering regardless of their major, and gain broad knowledge and culture of space science.

3. A place for self-driven students

SOKENDAI has a system to support educational programs planned and proposed by students, so students can create a place to learn by themselves. Using this system, training at the launch site of rockets and production of planetarium programs have been suggested and executed. In addition, graduate students in different fields hold voluntary seminars at ISAS.