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The Department of Space and Astronautical Science of SOKENDAI is based on Institute of Space and Astronautical Science, JAXA, the leading institute of Japanese space science.

The Department of Space and Astronautical Science provides an opportunity for high-level education and advanced research through the theoretical study, the analysis of acquired data, and the practice of advanced R&D in Astrophysics, Solar System Sciences and Space Engineering. The main feature of each major is as follows.

Astrophysics is to elucidate the origin, structure and evolution of the universe based on the observations from space.

Solar System Sciences is to understand the origin and evolution of a variety of environments, including the prebiotic materials, by examining the present status and samples of past days.

Space Engineering is to lead the future space development by providing innovative space technology. New space technology enables challenging missions in the above two scientific activities.

In addition, it is expected to cultivate not only depth of knowledge in Space Science but also the planning skills for space projects by touching on the most advanced and complex space projects.