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The Department of Space and Astronautical Science, the School of Physical Sciences, SOKENDAI(the Graduate University for Advanced Studies) conducts entrance exams for the 5-year course for university graduates or equal, and of the 3-year course (admission into the 3rd course of the 5-year course) for students with master’s degrees as follows.

For details of application guidelines, see below.

For the basic policy of selection for admission into the Department of Space and Astronautical Science, see “Our Policy”.

Overview of entrance exams

The following is an overview of latest entrance exams for the Department of Space and Astronautical Science (admission in October 2016 and in April 2017). For details, see the application guidelines above.


To request for application form and guidelines as well as questions about the exams, ask the following.

Student Welfare Section, Educational Affairs Department, SOKENDAI
Address: Shonan Village, Hayama, Kanagawa, 240-0193, Japan
Tel: 046-858-1525/1526