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A majority of graduates found research jobs such as faculty members or researchers in universities and institutes including JAXA. Other students often found jobs as engineers in companies related to space, etc.

The figure shows the postgraduate career of about 80 students who were in the Department of Space and Astronautical Science since the first students graduated in March 2006 (current students are not included).

As of January 2017. It is noted that the jobs immediately after graduation and current jobs are not distinguished.

Examples of careers

Universities and
Research institutes
Tohoku University, Tottori University, Akita University, the University of Tokyo, Nagoya University
Employment in companies
(research, development, etc.)
JAXA (engineer), NIKON, NEC Aerospace Systems, Ltd., Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

In addition, many graduates continue researches as research fellows in JAXA and universities, and as JSPS fellows.