Voluntary educational programs proposed by students

SOKENDAI encourages students to propose and conduct educational programs by themselves.

Programs proposed by students

SOKENDAI has a system to support projects including interdepartmental activities, seminars, and workshops proposed and conducted voluntarily by SOKENDAI students.

Previous example

Year Program name
2007 SOKENDAI workshop
Representative applicant: Masashi Miura
2008 Research on methods of science communication to connect cutting-edge science with society
- approach that integrates humanities and science -
Representative applicant: Hanae Inami
2010 SOKENDAI workshop
Representative applicant: Yasuyoshi Hisamoto

Field works

This is a course to give credits for external training of 2 weeks or more which are proposed voluntarily by students to gain wide-ranging knowledge and experience. The Department Steering Committee discusses whether the training is recognized as a credit course based on proposals and reports.

Previous example

Year Content
2013 Hands-on practice in launching of Epsilon rockets
Yuki Kubota
Keita Yamamoto
2015 Hands-on practice in static fire test in a vacuum for the 2nd rocket motor of Epsilon rocket (M-35-1 TVC).
Satomi Nakahara
2016 Hands-on practice in launching of Epsilon No.2
Hikaru Eguchi
Yuta Tobata
Shitan Tauchi
2021 Hands-on practice in launching of S-520 No.31
Junichiro Nakazawa