The Sixth ISAS Award (FY 2019)

We awarded the Sixth ISAS Award to the following three individuals in January 2020, including special awards honoring two individuals for their long-term contributions. We at JAXA ISAS would like to express our deepest gratitude for the cooperation and support we receive from these external organizations and will continue to work toward further external collaboration.

Recipient / Affiliation
[honorifics omitted]
Reason for award
NARASAKI Katsuhiro
(Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.)
[Special Award for Outstanding Long-term Contribution]
Theoretical approach and practice of mechanical cryocoolers for space use
(I-Net Corp.)
[Special Award for Outstanding Long-term Contribution]
Contribution to space science missions through the advancement of satellites and probes and system integration
KIMURA Shinichi
(Tokyo University of Science)
Contribution to deep-space science missions using ultra-small camera technology