Aerospace Project Research Associate

The JAXA Aerospace Project Research Associate is a development opportunity for early-career scientists who aim to hone their research skills through participation in JAXA projects.

  • The main features of this program
    • The Aerospace Project Research Associate at ISAS is expected to be a first position taken after obtaining a doctoral degree for early-career researchers who will lead future space science and exploration missions. This program has a strong focus on the activities that we do at ISAS.
    • Before applying, the research plan of the applicant must be discussed with the accepting (host) researcher at JAXA. This allows applicants and the host researchers to fully understand in detail how the research plan and career development are related before embarking on the program.
    • Individual research funds will be provided to each associate. (Exact amount will depend on the budget situation).
    • To establish a training environment that aligns with each associate’s research plan, a research instructor will be assigned separately from the person in charge of acceptance (host researcher).
    • As a human resource development program for early-career researchers, applicants must have completed their doctoral degree within five years prior to the hiring date. However, in order to account for diverse paths in life events, career and working experience, that five years research experience may be interrupted due to the events such as prenatal / postnatal leave, childcare leave, employment at a private company (excluding cases with employment as a researcher). Interrupted period can be excluded from counting.
    • The term of this position is generally three years, but may be extended up to five years in cases of employment funded by external funds (e.g. Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research) with a research period longer than three years.
    • In order to provide a more flexible environment for early-career scientists who are often faced with difficulties in balancing work and life events, the total employment period may be extended to ten years to incorporate a period of leave covering life events such as childcare leave.
    • Travel expenses associated with the assignment and expenses required for foreign nationals to obtain a status of residence will be covered by JAXA.
    • Depending on the characteristic of the work or work situation, a flextime system and various systems are also available.