Application (2018 Fall JAXA International Top Young Fellowship (ITYF))

* We are not currently recruiting for this position.

Application Deadline:
Not later than 17:00 PM (JST) / 8:00AM (UTC) on Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Application Document:
ITYF Open Recruitment Guidelines

Application Form:
(1) Academic research on space astronomy and astrophysics
(2) Academic research on solar system bodies including the sun and earth

[Interdisciplinary Space Science]
(3) Academic research on interdisciplinary areas covering multiple fields in space science and on new space science fields.

(4) Academic research on space flight related engineering technology and space systems
(5) Academic research on spacecraft related engineering technology, ground system technology and its application

* Applicants are able to confirm the status of submission of reference letter themselves.


Overview of ITYF (International Top Young Fellow)

The goal of ISAS, JAXA is to advance space science in Japan. Spanning from space engineering to planetary sciences and astrophysics, ISAS incubates win-win relationships among academic researchers, which leads to challenging space missions producing results of significant impacts and to technologies contributing to Japan's entire space development.

JAXA International Top Young Fellowship (ITYF) was established as a prestigious new fellowship program in 2009. The ITYF is designed to attract outstanding, highly motivated, early-career researchers in any of the space science fields covered by ISAS to work in Japan for 3 (extendable to 5) years. An excellent remuneration package is offered, including research budget (including travel expense) so that the fellow can extend their international profile, as well as developing collaborations within Japan.

Examples of possible research topics include:

  • Structure and origin of the universe
  • Formation of the earth and solar system
  • Utilization of the space environment for microgravity experiments
  • Engineering and technology development for the exploitation of space.

For reference, the following research themes have been conducted by ITYF members at ISAS:

  • Studying the Sun and the Heliosphere by Combining Observations and Numerical Simulations
  • Observing black hole physics across the electromagnetic spectrum
  • Extreme Physics of Relativistic Jets
  • Flow and Emission Models for Different Astrophysical Objects
  • Flow physics and computational in space science and aerospace engineering

ITYF Fellows

Ryuki Hyodo : 2019.10~ 
James O'Donoghue : 2019.05~

Former members

Stéphane Bonardi : 2017.10~2022.09
Shin Toriumi : 2019.04~2022.05
Ryan Masami Lau : 2018.09~2022.06
Kiwamu Izumi : 2017.09~2021.09
Javier Peralta : 2015.04~2020.03
Carlos Quintero Noda : 2017.11~2019.03
Sarah Crites : 2016.07~2019.01
Yoshiyuki Inoue : 2014.02~2017.10
Herman (Shiu-Hang) Lee : 2014.04~2016.11
Stefano Campagnola : 2012.03~2016.11
Aurora Simionescu : 2013.06~2016.09
Soshi Kawai : 2011.02~2015.03
Lukasz Stawarz : 2010.03~2015.03
Dmitry Khangulyan : 2010.02~2015.01
Adam Masters : 2012.03~2014.06
Poshak Gandhi : 2010.02~2013.03
Sarah Badman : 2010.01~2013.01

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