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December 14 [news]
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KAGUYA (SELENE) Observations using the Spectral Profiler (SP)
December 7 [updated] Open new window Hinode Featured in Science
November 28 [news]
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Terrain Camera provides unique 3D images of Moon
November 26 [updated]
Open new window "Return of Falcon -Second Edition-"
November 13 [updated] 'Earth-rise' and 'Earth-set' images were taken by the KAGUYA
November 7 [updated] KAGUYA successfully takes images of the moon using HDTV camera!
October 29 [updated] Hayabusa Finished First Leg of Orbit Maneuver toward Earth
October 22 [updated]
Open new window KAGUYA moves to regular control mode
October 15 [updated] KAGUYA releases VRAD satellite "OKINA" and "OUNA" were selected as the nicknames
October 5 [updated] KAGUYA (SELENE) Lunar Orbit Injection was confirmed
September 25 [updated] Hayabusa’s ion engine team wins Best Paper Award in International Electric Propulsion Conference
September 14 [news]
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Launch Result of the KAGUYA by the H-IIA Launch Vehicle No. 13
September 11 [updated] Launch Postponement of the KAGUYA (SELENE)/H-IIA F13
September 5 [updated] Observational results from the infrared astronomical satellite AKARI. AKARI observes star-forming regions in near-by galaxies and the distant Universe
August 28 [updated] AKARI finishes its cool observations
August 22 [updated] The Infrared Astronomy Satellite AKARI observes the asteroid Itokawa,the target of the Hayabusa explorer
August 20 [updated] Successful re-ignition of Ion Engine C onboard Hayabusa
August 16 [updated] New Launch day of "KAGUYA"
July 24 [updated] Launch Postponement of the "KAGUYA (SELENE)"
July 11 [updated] Current Status of the AKARI Mission After one year of observations --- The Universe as seen by AKARI
June 19 [updated] "KAGUYA(SELENE)" debuts at Tanegashima
June 7 [updated] "KAGUYA" selected as SELENE's nickname!
May 1 [updated] Hayabusa leaves for Earth
April 24 [updated] Public release of the Hayabusa data archives
April 6 [updated] Status of the Hayabusa
March 26 [updated] AKARI observes Star Forming Regions, Stars at the end of their life, Supernova Remnants, Active Galactic Nuclei, and distant galaxies.
March 5 [updated] The Swift team wins the Rossi prize of 2007 from he American Astronomical Society