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December 27 [updated] For the future planetary exploration of the world
---What "NOZOMI" left with us---
December 26 [updated] Ion Engines Aboard “HAYABUSA” Is Very Smooth
December 26 [updated] Asteroid “ITOKAWA”, Target of “HAYABUSA”, Comes in Sight
December 9 [updated] The latest information on the Mars Explorer “NOZOMI”
November 20 [updated] Status of Japan's Mars Explorer "NOZOMI"
November 7 [updated] Reusable Vehicle Flight Experiment at Noshiro Testing Center
October 29 [updated] ISAS/JAXA presented that researchers from ISAS/JAXA and other research institutes discovered that evidence of hydrated and/or hydroxylated minerals on the surface of "the smallest terrestrial planet" asteroid 4 Vesta.
October 25 [updated] The Second Flight of Resusable Vehicle Test of ISAS (Oct. 27)
October 15 [updated] Reusable Vehicle Test at Noshiro Testing Center
October 1 [updated] The asteroid 1998SF36 has been renamed ITOKAWA.
October 1 [updated] OHSUMI, Japan's First Satellite, Reenters Earth Atmosphere After 33 Years
October 1 [updated] NOZOMI's Swingby and its Basic Principle
September 17 [updated] "Hayabusa" Flying Smoothly and Ion Engines Reached 1,000 Operation Hours!
August 26 [updated] Deployment Test of Solar Sail Film Conducted Using Sanriku Big Balloon
August 2 [updated] Reusable Rocket Vehicle Test: The 5th Static Firing Test
August 2 [updated] On-site Exercise: "The 1st Space Mission High School - Space Mission You Plan"
July 25 [updated] Ion Engine Operation of Hayabusa
June 27 [updated] “Hayabusa” and “Toranoko” (Tiger Cub)
May 2 [updated] The 22nd Space Science Lecture and Movie Meeting
March 19 [updated] KM-V1SIM Atmospheric Firing Test
February 24 [updated] Space School Sagamihara, A Great Success
February 25 [updated] Space School Tokyo (February 1) Report
February 20 [updated] Firing Test of Reusable Rocket Engine RVT-7
January 29 [updated] Flying a Large Balloon in Antarctica
January 24 [updated] Hokkaido Space School Held
January 24 [updated] Exhibition at the World Space Congress 2002
January 24 [updated] Cosmic College Held
January 17 [updated] NOZOMI Succeeds in Earth Swingby