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December 24 [updated] “Space Day” Fureai Festival 2002
December 24 [updated] The 2nd Series of Scientific Balloon Experiments in 2002
October 16 [updated] Launch of S-310-31 and 32
October 16 [updated] “The Little Prince Campaign” drew 880,000 people
October 16 [updated] ISAS Open House
September 9 [updated] The First Series of Scientific Ballooning Experiments in FY2002
August 6 [updated] Ultra Thin Film Balloon reached the highest altitude
August 6 [updated] Scientific Balloon Paper awarded The Best Paper Prize of JSASS
August 6 [updated] ASTRO-F First Coupling Test
July 10 [updated] Static Firing Test of USERS_RBM
July 10 [updated] M-24 SIM-3 Static Firing Test
April 24 [updated] Space School (at The University of Tokyo, Komaba)
April 24 [updated] S-310-30 experiment completed
April 24 [updated] Sagamihara Space School
April 15 [updated] Space School in Tokushima
April 15 [updated] M-14-3TVC Static Firing Test
April 15 [updated] BepiColombo Meeting held at ESTEC
April 15 [updated] KSC Open House
January 18 [updated] Robo Festa Water Rocket Session
January 18 [updated] Robo Festa “Rover Roundup”
January 18 [updated] The Exhibition site at “Dream and Freai Mall” bustling with people
January 18 [updated] “Japan Booth” won the Highest Prize in the exhibit division at IAF Exhibition
January 18 [updated] The 2nd Series of Scientific Ballooning Experiments in 2001
January 18 [updated] M34-3TVC Static Firing Test
January 18 [updated] YOHKOH’s 10th Anniversary Press Conference