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December 10 [updated] AKATSUKI's first shots of Venus taken during health check
December 8 [updated] AKATSUKI Venus orbit injection plan to be reviewed
December 8 [updated] open new window Venus Climate Orbiter ĎAKATSUKIĀE Venus Observation Orbit Injection (VOI-1) Result
November 16 [updated] Particles brought back by Hayabusa identified as from Itokawa
August 31 [updated] Atmospheric balloon experiment B10-03 completed
July 6 [updated] Small particles found in the sample container of the HAYABUSA
July 6 [updated] open new window Orbit Control Maneuver Result of the Venus Climate Orbiter 'AKATSUKI'
July 5 [updated] open new window Global distribution of olivine from the lunar interior and its origin revealed by SELENE/KAGUYA
June 25 [updated] Starting to open HAYABUSA sample container
June 18 [updated] HAYABUSA Capsule Arrived at JAXA Sagamihara Campus
June 14 [updated] Retrieval of the Hayabusa capsule was completed , Heat shield was found in WPA
June 14 [updated] Welcome back HAYABUSA to Earth after overcoming various difficulties!
June 12 [updated] Asteroid Explorer "HAYABUSA"(MUSES-C) Capsule reentry plan
June 9 [updated] "HAYABUSA" Completed TCM-4 operation, precise guidance to WPA
June 6 [updated] "HAYABUSA" Completed TCM-3 operation, shift the target from Earth's outer rim to WPA
May 24 [updated] An Earth image taken by AKATSUKI during the initial function verification
May 21 [updated] open new window Launch Result of the Venus Climate Orbiter "AKATSUKI" (PLANET-C) aboard H-IIA Launch Vehicle No.17
May 17 [updated] Hayabusa Captured its Home Earth!
May 6 [updated] HAYABUSA:TCM-1 operation was successfully completed
April 22 [updated] Return of Sample Recovery Capsule aboard Asteroid Explorer "HAYABUSA"
March 30 [updated] open new window AKARI All-Sky Survey Point Source Catalogues open to the world
March 18 [updated] "AKATSUKI" leaves for Tanegashima
March 8 [updated] open new window JAXA Explores the Planets of the Solar System
March 8 [updated] open new window JAXA Explores the Planets of the Solar System
March 3 [updated] "AKATSUKI" launch date set! Special site open
February 15 [updated] Thank you very much for participating in the AKATSUKI message campaign
January 14 [updated] HAYABUSA coming back to terrestrial gravitation realm! Soon to be home